Rsession Tools Root Control Comb

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Rsession Tools Root Control Comb, is a tool designed to allow quick, safe and effective straightening and styling of all types of hair. It is great for touching up hairlines and roots in between blowdries. It can also be used to redirect cowlicks and style bangs. Its combination of ceramic barrel and double comb allow you to style the hair yet keep the heated element away from the scalp.


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Shannon M.
Atlanta, GA
Mar 2, 2012
3 Star Rating
Not Good Enough For The Price....
I bought this for my daughters (mixed). Their hair is fine, but very small, tight, dense curls. We have problems getting the hair around the edges and I thought this tool would be perfect.

The Pros: It heats up fast. For longer hair on the edge, it does pretty good. You can get close to the root and not get burned.

The Cons: Doesn't do much better than the 1/4 inch FHI flat iron that we have. The cost is high for a item that you can only really use on the edges and doesn't make a huge difference.

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Nov 30, 2010
5 Star Rating
Worth It!
This does exactly what it claims to do; I always have little curls/waves that show up (even after using a shower cap in the shower) between blow-outs and flat iron sessions- this helps touch them up quickly and easily. It is also much easier to get close to the roots than a flat iron. I can usually get away with the second to last heat setting, but if my hair is really stubborn I go to the top. It's also got a REALLY long cord, which is great if you need the extra reach.
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