Solia Ionic 20 Roller Hairsetter

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Solia Ionic Hairsetter is newest addition to Solia premium line of hair care tools. The Solia hairsetter has an ion generator to help condition hair and reduce frizz. With 20 velvet-flocked rollers in 3 different sizes, you be able to create all the latest curly and wavy styles.


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May 7, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great Rollers
I bought these rollers and am so satisfied. They heat up quickly and are so easy to use. It seems that there are just enough of every size roller too. The clips are easy to use also. My hair looks great when I use them. No frizz, silky, and shiny. I wash my hair every other day and I used them on the second day. I had hair spray in my hair from the day before and that may have helped the style last. I am very satisfied.
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Apr 6, 2012
5 Star Rating
Bouncy Curls Galore
I liked this unit very much. (I have quite a collection at this point!) The curl holds well. You do have to be careful with the end that is exposed as it's hot! The only issue for me is that the curlers are too small for my shoulder length hair. So, I can only use the larger and some of the medium ones. Will think about buying the jumbo ones at some point since I like this unit for my hair type. I particularly like the ionic feature to minimize damage.
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Feb 18, 2012
4 Star Rating
Perfect Curls
This roller set it great, it heats up in less than 10 minutes and makes perfect curls. There is a nice mix of small, medium, large rollers and the butterfly clips keep them in well. The only negative is that the ends get a little hot when rolling and there's not indicator light for when they're ready. Other than that it's wonderful for curling.
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Yolanda R.
Feb 13, 2012
5 Star Rating
Love It!!!!!
First I was a bit skeptical about ordering this roller set, but I did and I am very pleased with it. The set heats up just right in like 10 mins, rollers are not too hot to touch and the results for me, each time that I hve used it is bouncing, flowing curls, with body. If I could change one thing it would be to add a bit moere larger size rollers to the set.
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Gail C.
Nov 29, 2011
5 Star Rating
Solia Ionic Hairsetter
I love it! It,s very easy to put the rollers in your hair. The curl lasts. I would like more larger rollers.
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Nov 5, 2011
3 Star Rating
Not Worth It
Not sure this product is worth the price. It works as well as my old Conair set. There is no indication as to when the curlers are ready. The curlers themselves are ok. The cool ends that are featured in the manual are not that cool. Like another reviewer said, the bottom tip is much hotter than the top. So be careful when you use them! Overall, the item works, but it may not be worth the price.
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Los Angeles
Nov 3, 2011
3 Star Rating
Stylish Unit
I used these heat rollers for the first time today. Based on the instructions, the unit takes about 10 minutes to heat up. The unit has an On/Off switch and lights up. There is no indication of when the rollers are fully heated, so timing is up to you. Although rollers are not too hot to handle, the roller end that rests on the base of the heating element, gets hotter than the top end. The rollers are fairly lightweight, so only minor adjustments are needed when using the clips. After use, rollers need to be returned to the proper size hole-slot, so if you have any spacial difficulties, this will drive you crazy. Clips work okay and they do not leave a dent. Clips come in a plastic sleeve, so they are storable separate from the unit. I left the rollers in my hair for 10 minutes. The curl came out nicely, however, I use product in my hair (before and after) to help retain the curl, finished off with an anti-humidity hair spray. After careful consideration, I think I'm more impressed with how the unit looks, than how it actually works.
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