FHI Heat Runway IQ Session Styling Rapid Heating Base

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The FHI Heat Runway IQ Session Styling Rapid Heating Base heats to the perfect temperature, ideal to lock in hair styles with incredible body, curls, and waves.


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Colorado Springs
Jan 7, 2014
2 Star Rating
Heated Fast, Provided Some Volume, But No Curl
My hair curls easily. It is long (middle of my back) and fine. These rollers were far too large and did not deliver any curl. I ordered more of the smallest size to try to help my hair achieve some style. I like the body/volume, but it truly does not curl at all and the rollers are very easily tangled in my hair. I would not purchase and would have returned but they were a gift. I am highly disappointed.
Sharon D.
Dec 19, 2013
5 Star Rating
Great Volumn Creater!
I was very surprised at the ease of use. I like the grip of the velcro type rollers and they really heated up fast. My hair stayed nice all day. I wish it had a roller and clip organizer or holder for storage. But I'm making due with putting them in a bag and getting them out as needed.
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