Caruso ProTraveler 14 Molecular Steam Hairsetter

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Compact design. The ultimate set to create today's polished hair styles with non damaging - steam conditions your hair as it curls.


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Paula L.
New York State
Nov 5, 2010
5 Star Rating
Volumn And Curl
I love this set. My hair is very straight and hard to curl. This set gives me nice curls and volumn. Since my hair is thin there are just enough rollers for me.
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Suzino :o)
Oct 23, 2010
5 Star Rating
I Tame My Mane With Caruso!
It was a day of celebration when my Caruso steam rollers arrived ~ I wore out my last unit and couldn't wait to replace it! :o) Without Caruso, my long mane is just too hard to manage. I have been using Caruso rollers for about 20 years and can't imagine ever using any other kind. Thank you, Folica, for stocking them and making purchase so easy.
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Lisa B.
Oct 15, 2010
5 Star Rating
Caruso Molecular Steam Rollers Are The Best!
I know certain types of curlers work differently for different types of hair. Hot rollers and curling irons NEVER work on my hair. They give my hair limp curls that are gone within a couple of hours.

I started using Caruso Molecular Curlers abt. 15 yrs. ago and fell in love with them! I had the original one that you had to use salt in the water. Mine finally gave out a couple of months ago. Last month I ordered this new steam w/o salt and so far so good. My curls are GREAT and they last all day! My hair is medium long and nothing has ever kept my curls like Caruso. And volume! Yes!!!

(I also purchased "Sexy Hair Big Sexy Blow Dry Volumizing Gel". Another WOW product!!)

Saying all this, I've read the other reviews that say this device doesn't last as long as the original Caruso. I've had mine for 2 weeks so I'll keep my fingers crossed it will last alot longer than what the other reviewers are experiencing with theirs. If it gives out within the year, I'll hunt down the original Caruso that must be used with salt water. Its worth it!
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Angie D.
Keswick, Virginia
Oct 5, 2010
5 Star Rating
Fabulous Hair Rollers
I used these rollers years ago and loved them. I tried to find them again but failed. Finally I found them online and are using them again. They are so easy to use and make the perfect body and curl for my hair. I am growing my hair out and they are perfect for my in between cut. If you do not like hot rollers that can burn your scalp and fingers, these are perfect. They are comfortable, stay in place and you can carry them anywhere with ease. I am getting compliments everyday on my hair. Thank you Caruso for continuing to make this fine product.
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New Jersey,NJ
Oct 1, 2010
1 Star Rating
Doesn't Work On All People...
I got this product because I saw lots of reviews saying that it curls well, stays a while, and works on hard to curl hair (like mine, thin). I've tried it (optimistically) 5 times since I got it and haven't had any successful curls. Even if I do, there are only a few curls and the others just look dented or come out straight.
Sometimes they stay for an hour or so, but that's it. I follow the directions the right way, and usually leave them in for 30 minutes after they are all in. I've even tried some hairspray, but no luck.

Still no curls here.. :(
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Apr 10, 2010
1 Star Rating
So Disappointed
I've been using steam rollers since they were invented and have loved them. I've had several over the years but the quality of Caruso has gone down horribly. I bought two of these and neither lasted longer than 3 mos. I had the original pink one that you had to add salt - it lasted for years. Vidal Sassoon had one that lasted years too - and is still going so I'm going back to it. What a waste of money this Caruso was.
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Sara M.
Mar 8, 2010
2 Star Rating
Worked Great, Until...
These were recommended to me by multiple people so I got some and they worked great... for 6 months. Out of nowhere, the steamer stopped working completely. I thought maybe there was a year-long warranty so that I could get a new one, but I've looked all over and haven't even found Caruso's website, let alone any warranty info. So I guess I'm stuck. Especially considering what some places charge for these, they should last years, not months. I don't plan on buying another Caruso product again.
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Kel B.
Long Island, Ny
Mar 5, 2010
2 Star Rating
Not So Great
I had the older version of this hairsetter and loved it. It turned off on its own, ha much more steam . This one is not very good at all.
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Medford, Ma. 02155
Jan 31, 2010
5 Star Rating
After All These Years, Still Commited
I can remember my first caruso steam curler where you had to add salt to the water...I'm talking about 15 to at least 20 years and I've had one ever since.I just purchased another one recently and love the fact it doesn't require salt. One tidbit for you, clean the unit after about 20 uses because of the impurities in the water and it will last you for ever. I talked my sister into getting one and she loves it too.
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Jill Scott
Dec 10, 2009
5 Star Rating
Caruso Cleaning If Not Steaming
The Caruso manual suggests cleaning the unit every 20 uses. Simply add 1 tablespoon vinegar to the water in the reservoir and allow the unit to run a full cycle. To clean the exterior, wipe with a damp cloth. The rollers can be cleaned by carefully taking them apart (removing endpieces and foam) and washing in soap and water.
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