Caruso ProTraveler 14 Molecular Steam Hairsetter

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Compact design. The ultimate set to create today's polished hair styles with non damaging - steam conditions your hair as it curls.


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Jill Scott
Dec 10, 2009
5 Star Rating
Caruso Cleaning If Not Steaming
The Caruso manual suggests cleaning the unit every 20 uses. Simply add 1 tablespoon vinegar to the water in the reservoir and allow the unit to run a full cycle. To clean the exterior, wipe with a damp cloth. The rollers can be cleaned by carefully taking them apart (removing endpieces and foam) and washing in soap and water.
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West Lafayette, IN USA
Oct 1, 2009
3 Star Rating
Great For My Hair, Just Not For Foriegn Countries
This product says it will adjust to 240V, but that is not true. In fact, in certain parts of the world, even with a converter, it will not work. Wish they would make one for 240V only so I could travel over seas with it.
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Round Lake IL USA
Sep 10, 2009
1 Star Rating
Love The Results/hate The Product!!
I have fine hair, I love the curl I get from my steam rollers but I absolutely HATE the product itself. I have bought 3 sets in the last 8 months - I refuse to do it again. The rollers fall apart - I have had to piece them together,I bought extra in the small rollers at an outrageous price (they probably cost the company a penny per hundred) they charge about $15 for six of the rollers. The machine itself goes out in a matter of months. I am surprised that a company like CARUSO would make such a inferior product! Shame on you, Caruso! I for one am done with your product for good!
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Tm Wong
Aug 7, 2009
3 Star Rating
Looking For Other Products
When I first found out about the Caruso steam setter 15 years ago, I was thrilled. It was the best steam product ever and the first one I bought lasted me for a good 5 years (this was the pink coloured one where salt had to be added to the water). I recently bought the newer Caruso product and I am so disappointed its gone kaput in less than a year. What has happened to the quality? Is the manufacturer even listening to all our complaints? I am hesistant to buy another one especially after reading all the other reviews. Any suggestions for other reliable steam hairsetters?
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Southeast Us
Jul 31, 2009
3 Star Rating
Prefered The Older Model
I have owned both the old model which required salt and the new one that does not require salt. My blond hair is fine, and theres lots of it. It ranges from almost straight at the crown, to curly on the sides, to frizzy at my temples. The old model did a lot better job of taming the frizz. After years and years of wonderful service, the salt finally rusted the heating element in half and it died. The new model doesnt seem to produce as much steam, doesnt get the rollers as steamy or hot as its older brother, so its a lot of work for less than great results.
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Jacquleine Fulton
Jul 30, 2009
1 Star Rating
Getting Worse W/ No End In Sight!
I have been using caruso since my mother turned me on in the early 80s, I then turned my daughters on in the mid 90s, now here we are in the 21 century and this is the worst product ever!What have they DONE? The steamer never works then I take it and give it a good smash on the floor and it seems to work just as well as it did before.I am so sick of this and do not know where to turn as I have gave all my older ones away thinking this product would NEVER be so bad in the future. but I guess you live you learn, Helen of Troy, I have nothing good to say about you! So here you go..........a few pics of the inside of this "steamer"?
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Susan Nilsson
Chicago, Illinois
Jun 19, 2009
3 Star Rating
Same Boat....great When It Works
I too have used the Caruso system for more than 20 years. It seems lately that the product is going kaput after a VERY short period of time. I have gone through two units in less than six months. Im currently using the rollers with an old steam unit that may be from the 1970s....but its working. WHY WONT CARUSO SELL THE STEAM UNIT WITHOUT THE ROLLERS??? I also question if the "quietness" of the unit is such a good idea ... the "clicking" noise used to remind me..."Turn off this unit!!". Im debating about ordering another one...Four times bitten, getting shy.
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Jun 13, 2009
1 Star Rating
Poor Quality
I have used these rollers for 20 years. The first one probably lasted me 5 years before I had to replace it. The second lasted 2 years, the 3rd - 1 year.... now the latest one lasted me 2 months. I love these rollers, they are the only rollers that work on my fine hair, but if I have to replace it every month now it will be just too expensive!
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May 7, 2009
4 Star Rating
Do Not Order From Canada
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Bertha Martinez
Tucson Ariz.
Apr 17, 2009
1 Star Rating
I have been using curso steam system since it first came out and I loved it the caruso lasted me years and then it changed to no more salt which was okay that one lasted me a while,I think several months. Now in the past two years I have had to buy one almost every month. I wish I had saved all my receipts for all the caruso systems I have bought in the last two years. I just bought another one in March and here it is April and it already died. I am not doing anything different than before they just die. I work in a manufacturing company and I know when quantity is replacing quality. I wish you would go back to making a better product like before. Unsatisfied costumerBertha Martinez
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