Caruso 30 Molecular Ion Steam Hairsetter

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Non-damaging - Ion Technology for creating soft, voluminous curls and shine and reducing static and frizz. Ion creates up to 3 times the amount of steam of ordinary hairsetter.


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United States
Jan 22, 2014
2 Star Rating
Not What I Expected...
I was so excited about getting this do to all the positive reviews. Unfortunately this did not deliver for me. Left ridges on top, didn't stay in place, curls only lasted for an hour or two, didn't give me additional volume on the roots only indentation marks from the curlers. I even got extra box of Xlarge curlers, all went back today.
I wished they worked, back to the drawing board..
Jan 20, 2014
5 Star Rating
The Total Package
I have fine but thick white hair. I was looking for a roller system so I could get away from my hot irons. I researched and read and looked for a long time, read reviews, waited and then finally ordered the Caruso.

I wash my hair, let it dry and when it is totally dry either by air or by hair blower, I use my Caruso. It is small, easy, heats up immediately. I then set my hair and wait 15 to 20 minutes for it to dry, take it down, brush it out and voila, beautiful curls. They last until the next shampoo. I thought when I read that the first time, hummmm, but it's true. The curls last the entire 4 or 5 days before I wash it. I don't have to set it, use a hot iron to touch it up, nothing. This system works as described. The curls are soft and no ends sticking out, no drying like a curling iron produces, I love this product.

I love everything about it. It makes a clicking noise when set on ionic but really, who cares. It is nothing. Because I have extremely hard water in my area, I use distilled water in mine. This is not an issue because we have a distilled water maker to use in other machines because of our area. And it only uses about an ounce of water during the time I use it.

Two things in my life I'd repeat, marrying my husband and buying this product.
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Sep 8, 2013
3 Star Rating
Works Better Than Hot Curlers But Doesn't Last Near As Long As Promised
I first off just have to start by saying that I waited over 3 weeks for my order as one item was back ordered. It was a bit disappointing to be ready to get the product, only to place my order and that they didn't expect it in stock for 2-3 weeks. If it was longer they would cancel my order. I know this doesn't pertain to the product itself, but felt it was part of my experience.

I read all the reviews and thought I'd found my solution for my extremely fine, thin and stock straight hair. I was a bit disapointed.

I love the idea of this product to have curls that last until your "next wash". It claims to set in the curls so strongly that they don't come out until you shampoo.

I have been using the product for about 2 weeks now, and I would still have to use it every day. As with all products my curls come out very cute right when I undo them, but within an hour they have dropped considerably, and within a few hours, only waves are left.

I have extremely fine, thin hair too. And I bought an extra pack of the petite rollers. So my whole head was done in petite and a few small rollers to get tight, springy curls.

The first time I used it, I steamed the rollers way too long and my hair didn't dry nearly in time. When it says 3-4 seconds it means it. If you steam too long you'll have to leave them in forever for the hair to dry underneath and have any curl.

I've tried steaming the shield and not steaming the shield with no difference. I've tried the bigger and smaller rollers and the release of curl happens with all of them. I've tried adding more setting time, using a hair dryer to help "set" the curl all with no difference to the curl disappearing. I even tried the spray styling gel on each lock of hair as I rolled it. Tried hairspray, and no hairspray after. No difference.

My other issue with it is for some reason my hair gets stuck around the foam rollers and can become very tangled and difficult to remove. Changing the amount of hair on the roller didn't seem to help, there still seems to be stray hairs and small locks of hair that become really tangled.

While as I mentioned in my title, the curls last somewhat longer than hot curlers or a curling iron (for me those last 15 minutes) but still not even a whole day. I am a bit disappointed as I really thought this was the product I had been searching for as it had all these great reviews.
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Aug 18, 2013
5 Star Rating
Bye Bye Heat Damage
This steamer is a lifesaver! Voluminous bouncy curls all day long!! It is easy to use, works quickly (curls usually set in 5-10 mins), and curls last all day. I very rarely use my flat or curling irons anymore, which saves me from heat damage and was a huge selling point for me getting a Caruso. Buy it. You'll fall in love.
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May 10, 2013
5 Star Rating
You Gotta Get This
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Apr 24, 2013
5 Star Rating
You would think these steam rollers don't curl well because they are not hot at all. I have fine hair (a lot) and it's normal/to possibly dry depending on the day but I've been lazy on weekly deep conditioning so this is most likely my fault :D

I have tried them on day old hair, dry hair, and also hair that's still a little wet after the shower and the curls are very curly each time.

Only thing I have to say is if you are looking for more natural curls then you definitely want to use this with longer hair. My hair is a little over shoulder length and I have Shirley Temple hair after leaving them in my hair for 11-12 minutes.

I'm sure there's a way to make the curls more relaxed either leaving the rollers in for a shorter amount of time or separating the curls with your hands (although with my hair when I do this it gets seriously pouffy and frizzy). I don't use any hair products while styling expect for some heat protection spray before blow drying and my hair starts to die down around 7 hours. However I should add I don't care about my hair once it's done. I take naps .. walk in the rain... put it up and back down in the car... and it's fine. It just looks subtly curly at the end of the day.

Random Note - If you use the "Ionic Steam" setting the steamer will make a rapid high pitched clicking nose whereas the regular "Steam" setting will have no noise.

Both settings still make my hair curly maybe ionic is a little hotter but I think it's just placebo with me.
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Apr 21, 2013
4 Star Rating
I Like The Kind That Takes The Salt In It.
Years ago I had Richard Caruso steam rollers that called for a small amount of salt to it put in the bottom with the water. I really liked this product . When I ordered a set that said" No salt to be added" this set didn't hold curl as well. Do any of the Richard Carusco steam roller sets allow salt now?????????
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S R.
Washington, DC
Jan 28, 2013
5 Star Rating
Secret Weapon To Work Out And Still Look Fab!
I simply adore this product! I must admit, like others, I too, was a skeptic. However, since the price alone is lower than a salon visit, why not! Writing reviews are not my niche, but BOY do I love reading them - live by them! LOL... but it was due to the reviews that I purchased this lovely device, so I would like to gladly help another doll out there if I can! I am black with natural hair. I have NO idea what kind of grain I have and there are a multitude of them, so my apologies that I can't be of much help there. I will say that my hair takes on the appearance of a wet cotton ball after cleansing. I will also add that humidity and rain will metamorphous my hair into a fun looking helmet hazing, bar fight (did not win) look - lol. My hair hits just below my ears, it isn't thick but it's not thin either and I cannot get away with two strand twists (too thin) or wash n' go's (not curly -- hence why I ADORE this product)), because I'm also working out! I work out consistently three days a week and with this device, I can feel confident and cute with various styles and not a heat damaged, plucked chicken look which is a major plus in my book. Flashing: wrap it up... okay (now you see why I do not like writing books, I mean reviews (lol). When I first tried the product, my hair was already straightened via blow drying and flat ironing (and I don't have "body" kind of hair - it's sort of limp and doesn't "wrap" well. I went from shoulder shrug ear length/ Peppermint Patty to "Va va, did he just wink at me!?" kind of hair that actually has body... all of this FROM STEAM! Ow! LOL. I then pin curl my hair with bobby pins and wear a scarf (lightly). The curls dance for me the next day but it feels good that I can come home from an intense workout and blow/air dry and use the Caruso and BAM - back in business! So... is this product for you? I think that you should definitely try it! Why... because from taking it out of the box, reading the instructions to actually setting and styling my hair, I timed in under :30 minutes! Is your mouth agape... mine was! Simply an awesome product which also reduces frizz and can withstand a workout! Lastly... (I promise (lol)) - yes, I use the ion feature which has a clicking sound. So what... I turn on a Pandora station, crank it up and rock it out!
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Aug 23, 2012
5 Star Rating
Curls For My Pagent Boy
i wanted to start curling my sons long hair for the beauty pagents he is in found a curling iron just wasn't doing it so i borrowed my sisters caruso set of 30 steam curlers and was amazed how much curl i could get in his hair plus the curls really held with hairspray. i re do his hair with every outfit change and his culrs are still beautiful . I don't haveto worry about burning him with a curling iron and he loves the fact he doesn't have to sit still so long as he can walk around with the curlers in his hair as they are cooling or i can get started on his makeup much sooner since my hands are freed up form the curling iron. all the gilrs love his curls and i now do his hair 2-3 days a week for school with the curlers and they don't damage his hair at all. would recomend for any one male of female old or young who wants beautiful curls that last and last
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Mar 7, 2012
4 Star Rating
Great Curl, But Didn't Last Long With My Hair (need To Experiment Still!)
I have long, thin, straight hair that doesn't hold curls well unless I have a hairdresser do it.

I purchased the caruso 30 molecular ion steam hairsetter and was excited to see what it would do. It took me about 12 minutes to put all of the curlers in the first time. I had a hard time for a couple of them that got caught in my hair but I think I'll get better with practice. I thought I would be annoyed with having to put each curler on the steamer but it didn't bother me at all. The ticking sound on the ion setting was loud at first but then I got used to it. I only used about 10 curlers on my long hair. This is something I'll change next time. I think I'll use smaller amounts of hair per curler/take the time to do it. I used all of the petite curlers and several of the next size.

While putting on my makeup and picking out my outfit I let the curlers set for 15 minutes. I used the hair dryer for about 1 minute, hoping to set the curl more. I used no product before putting in the curls or while I took them out. As I took them out, my hair was SUPER curly. Really pretty, soft, bouncy. Loved it. My husband was pretty excited to. I flipped my head over, and used my fingers to piece the curls the way I wanted. Then I sprayed my hair quite a bit with hair spray. I'm not sure if the spray weighed my curls down or not, but I feel like I absolutely need hair spray.

About an hour after taking the rollers out, my hair started to sag a little. After about 2 hours by hair was wavy (I still liked it) but it just wasn't curly anymore. The next morning when I woke up, it had pretty dull waves.

I am going to experiment with these curlers. This is a great product, but it definitely didn't keep the curl for days. I am going to purchase some herbal essences body envy volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I think I'll also buy a mousse that is supposed to help curls (put on before I dry my hair). Then I'll use more rollers this time and try using a little less hair spray. We'll see how that works! I really like that these curlers don't dry out/kill my hair like my straight iron does. I always end up burning myself when I use a curling iron!
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