BaByliss Pro 30 Roller Setter

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The BaByliss Pro Ionic Hair Setter is a complete curler set for waves, ringlets or volume. Ionic and ceramic technologies prevent frizz and add shine.


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Marilynn M.
Mar 3, 2011
1 Star Rating
Huge And Unworkable
This set is huge and hard to store
The rollers take forever to heat and
do not curl well
The clips verus the pns leave lines in your hairand do not
allow for a tight curl
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Feb 8, 2011
1 Star Rating
Not Hot Enough
I purchased this Babyliss set of rollers (it was about $200.00) and from the first try, noticed the rollers did not get hot. I tried several times, and still, rollers do no get hot, even when waiting for 20 minutes or longer. I returned the set, thinking it was damaged, and received a replacement set. Again, the replacement set didn't heat up either.... and waiting 20 mintues or longer. The number and variety of size of rollers in this set is wonderful! BUT, they don't work to curl fine hair - there just isn't enough heat. I've owned a dozen or more hot roller sets and this one, I have to honestly say, has not performed well at all. Clairol and Remington sets heat up within minutes (literally 2-5 minutes) and get very hot - they work like a charm! I wish they'd produce a 30 roller set! The old adage "they don't make things like they used to" is definitely true in terms of the Babyliss roller set. Very disappointing, indeed.
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Oct 10, 2010
5 Star Rating
Awesome Curls In Short Time
as a male with long hair who loves curls i'm always looking for a fast way to get a head full of soft pretty curls that last and found this set to be the best. I have very thich hair that about 6 in below my shoulders and have a set of 20 rollers that won't do my hair all over without re heating about 10 curlers which takes such a long time for me in the mornings to lett hen cool and reheat and then cool again. , i know its the price i have ot pay for my beautiful curls and learned to quit complaining about how much time it takes ot get ready. i had a business meeting about a month ago and stopped by my salon ot get my hair curled and that where i found this awesome set of curlers and 30 rollers was the magic number to do my hair without re hearting curlers. Mandy turned her set on and they heated up very quickly and i was rolled and cooled and combed out in about 25 minutes and just knew this set was for me i recieved several compliments on my curls and they lasted all day and the evening for dinner and drinks. I love this set and the fact i can get my hair rolled without reheating and curlers. Would recemond to anyone who has alot of hair and wan't their curls to last all day
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Central FL
Jun 23, 2010
5 Star Rating
Fabulous Babyliss
Finally a set that can do my whole head at once! I have long, thick hair and a set of 20 just doesn't do it for me. These rollers are effective, comfortable and plentiful! The only drawback is that they should include more clips. Highly recommend!
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Mar 3, 2010
4 Star Rating
Creates Good Curls For Thin Hair.
I've used several other hot rollers in the past and they heated up pretty fast but would wind up melting after about 6 months or so.....or break down. This produc however is well put DO have to turn it on enough ahead of time does not heat up fast and even when it is finally at it's doesn't "seem" to be that hot compared to what I've used in the past...but I use a styling spray after I've put all the rollers in and when I take them out, it turns into a really good curl. So as long as you heat up NOT at the last should be ok with this set of hot rollers...although I'm not sure how well these would work on thick hair is bone thin and the curls take rather easily but for "heavy" hair, it may be a totally different story.
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Redmond OR. USA
Aug 23, 2009
4 Star Rating
Lack Of Enough Clips
I first purchased and returned the jumbo Babyliss rollers. My hair was too short to use them, I then purchased the 30 roller set but wonder why there was not enough clips for the entire set, plus the clips are difficult to keep from falling out on the smaller rollers......I have not found where one can obtain more clips and feel it would be a good customer relation promo if this company would ship "free" of charge enough clips for all 30 rollers thanks elaine
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Jul 13, 2009
1 Star Rating
Doesn't Stack Up, It's A Shame.
I have been using the same rollers for 25+ years and since they have died I have been buying set after set with all the same result...NO CURLS, NOT HOT ENOUGH. I let these get good and hot leaving them on at least 30 minutes to warm and left in my hair for about 45 minutes...NOT ONE CURL. Pros:1. lightweight rollers2. gets fairly hot fastCons:1. doesnt curl2. doesnt hold heat when not on dock3. not enough clips for the amount of rollers provided. Odd?I have decided on a refund. Too bad, I wanted these to be the last set I buy for awhile. The search continues....
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Westerville, Ohio
Nov 3, 2008
4 Star Rating
Great Hot Curlers
Okay, Im mixed so you already know I have problems with my hair. Its about a third of the way down my back, and naturally fine but wavy. I wanted to enhance what I already had, so about a year ago, I bought this set from use them maybe 2x/week & my curls are fabulous. Theyre soft and light, and I dont have to put a lot of heat in my hair. I just put the curlers in (randomly so it looks more natural), wait until they cool completely, and lift off the clamps so the rollers just fall out on their own. That way, I dont pull the curls, so they hold better. I hate styling products, so the only thing I use is a finishing spray, and they last for about 3 days. (By day three, they start looking really tousled, and its time to redo it before people start talking about me.)Quality hot curlers, decent price, no complaints here. Ive convinced 3 other people to get them as well.
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Pittsburgh PA
Nov 6, 2007
3 Star Rating
Okay But Pricey
Bought this set almost 3 years ago, works well on my hair. Complaint about clips is valid plus they dont work w/small rollers. I use old pin style clips that came with my old hot rollers on those. My set broke recently (some electrical problem). I am buying the newer ceramic set. I will check out any improvments.
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Sep 29, 2007
4 Star Rating
Great Quantity And Selection Of Rollers
Really like the quantity and selections of rollers. My hair is fine so have a hard time keeping hair in front side sections. Great for the rest of my head. Heats up well, needs to have more clips, would like to see smaller clips for smaller rollers. Overall good product.
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