Betty Dain SleepWear Satinette

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Betty Dain's SleepWear Satinette is made of soft, sensuous satin. Protects your hair while you sleep.


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Sarah K.
United States
Apr 12, 2013
1 Star Rating
The elastic cuts into my forehead, and I find it uncomfortable to keep my hair in it all night. It also adds a lot of heat, which is almost unsustainable for sleeping. I have a ton of hair, and it was hard to fit it all under the cap. I think it makes more sense to buy the satin pillowcases from the same brand, as they only cost a bit more and are far more comfortable.
Jan 19, 2013
3 Star Rating
Protects Hair, But Scratchy And Uncomfortable
I really wanted to love this cap. I was looking for a way to keep my below shoulder length hair from getting messed up when I slept and a satin bonnet seemed to be a perfect solution. I have a bigger than average head, but this cap is plenty large and has lots of room for even more hair than I have, so it should fit anyone. The satin is good quality and the cap does protect my hair from getting tangled as I sleep. The problem is that the elastic and edging are scratchy and uncomfortable, so the cap often wakes me up and I end up sleeping without it. I'm still looking for the perfect solution for my hair at night.
Dec 13, 2012
1 Star Rating
Big Bonnet
No! does not keep hair in place. It looks just like the picture and it is not good for sleeping. I would only recommend as a shower cap not sleep wear.
New York
Aug 13, 2011
4 Star Rating
Good Quality Cap
I liked the quality of this sleeping cap. But I have tons of hair and sometimes it comes off at night.
May 1, 2011
4 Star Rating
Helps Prevent Bedhead
You look ridiculous in this, but when you pull it off in the morning your hair will still be smooth. I have had it slip off in the middle of the night and now that the weather is warmer it's kind of hot on my head. But it does work at keeping your hairstyle from being rumpled.
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Oct 9, 2007
4 Star Rating
Good Product...
This is a good product, it keeps my hair from getting totally wild overnight. I look a bit silly in it, but its not like Im walking around town with it on!
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Aug 26, 2007
4 Star Rating
Pretty Good
I bought this on a whim just because I used to use a bandanna to cover my head when I went to bed and it would always slip off in the night. Not to mention it was only 5 bucks. Im glad I bought it though because it stays on all night and the material it is made of feels nice. No more tangled bed head for me! :)
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