X5 Superlite Tourmaline & Ionic Professional Travel Hair Dryer

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X5 Superlite Tourmaline + Ionic Ceramic Professional Travel Hair Dryer Dual Voltage 1600 Watts is a convenient super light, dual voltage dryer 125/250v. Folds conveniently for storage and travel.


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United States
May 19, 2014
5 Star Rating
Quiet And Powerful
I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful this hair dryer is! The small size of the unit is perfect to travel with no matter where you go, but it has a full sized power that dries your hair quickly. The motor is quiet compared to other dryers I have owned. I have fine hair and it doesn't friz up at all (which has happened with other brands) and it dries it quickly. The only thing you have to be aware of is the switch that toggles back and forth between voltages.....just make sure it is on the voltage for the country you are in. I would definately recommend this unit to anyone!
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Mar 26, 2014
5 Star Rating
T-5 Travel 1600 Watt Blow Dryer (dual Voltage)
I own a Travel Agency and Travel ALOT!!I I needed a small, compact, lightweight, dual voltage professional dryer. For those that travel you know there is no perfect travel blow dryer; not yet!! This is the closest I've found. It weighs only 30 oz. Although It may not be as retro looking as the Sedu Travel or even the Sultra Travel; it packs a great punch in a small dryer, and I like the look of it!! It is not a monster size at all like one comment suggested. If you have thick hair I wouldn't waist time with purchasing dryers less then 1600 Watts in any type, unless you want to spend 15 minutes plus drying your hair?!! This morning took me exactly 3 minutes, WOW!!
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Mar 5, 2014
4 Star Rating
Great Hair Dryer But Can't Clean Air Intake Filter
This is my second one of the X5 travel dryer and I love it. I use it every day, but then my hair is fairly fine. I got rid of the first one after about two years because it started blowing so hot it was burning my scalp and then finally stopped working. Now my second one is two years old and doing the same thing... blowing way too hot. I thought the air intake filter might need cleaning. The directions that came with the dryer says you can lift the grille right off to clean the filter. However, I've found no way to remove the grille and had two pretty handy men try it as well. Does anyone know how to remove the intake grille?
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United States
Sep 2, 2013
5 Star Rating
A Must-read Review If You Own Or Plan To Own This Hair Dryer
I don't usually write reviews, but after reading some of the reviews for this hair dryer I feel compelled to share my experience. To the reviewer who said this hair dryer is unsafe, did you know the hair dryer has a 220V setting? I had to find out about this the hard way when I used it for the first time @ 220V. I was lucky enough to had used it in the States where it's 110V, so when the hair dryer got unusually hot I immediately realized something was wrong. I quickly turned off the unit and looked to see if there was a voltage setting. The reason I suspected that was because I thought the higher voltage was sending more current through the dryer and therefore making it hotter (I have an engineering background). After a minute or so of searching, there it was! On the back of the handle, there is a tiny circle that's the size of a pen tip. I used a pen and inserted the pen tip into the circle and pushed the circle downward to move it to the lower position. I think if your hair dryer is relatively new, it's probably marked with the voltage next to the positions. But my markings had worn out, so I can't make out what it says. But basically , top position is for 110V and bottom position is for 220V. It's a shame that the voltage setting is not more obvious. I think a lot of the too hot and too cold issues might be because the hair dryer is on the wrong setting. Basically, if your actual voltage is 220V and your setting is on 110V, your hair dryer will get way too hot; and if your actual voltage is 110V and your setting is on 220V, your hair dryer will feel too cold / under powered. Definitely one star off for not making it more clear to the users. So why am I still giving it five stars? Well, simply because I'm completely blown away by how well it performs. I own 4 hair dryers and one of the them is the "highly rated" Sedu that's currently considered top-of-the-line best-of-folica "it" dryer, yet the X5 travel hair dryer blows it out of the water. Previously when I compared the X5 to the Sedu, I had near shoulder-length hair and the difference was not as obvious. At the time, I felt the X5 gave me shiner and smoother hair and the Sedu was a drying my hair about 20% faster. I was switching between the two hair dryers just based on which bathroom I was in when I needed to dry my hair. Well recently, my hair has gotten much longer - it's near waist-length now and I've been using the Sedu exclusively for about two months. Dear was I dreading every single day for a week about how horrible my hair felt. It was dry, lifeless, tangled, and weighing down. I tried to change hair products and use more conditioner, but nothing helped. So I thought my hair had just gotten too long and I had to cut it. Well, the nearest haircut appointment is two months away, so last week I "accidentally" started using the X5 exclusively. Boy, was I astounded by the result! I didn't notice it right away because I had stopped paying attention to my hopeless hair situation. But the next day I thought to myself, wow, my hair feels really nice and a couple of days later I thought, wow my hair looks so pretty and healthy and shiny and smooth and full and lifted! And then, came that epiphany moment... It's the X5! It was undeniable that the X5 alone has completely turned my hair around in less than 1 week! I know it sounds insane, but my long hair is soooo gorgeous now and nothing else I do to it has changed.
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Aug 21, 2013
5 Star Rating
Same Or Better Dry Time Than My 1875 Watt Full-size Dryer
This hair dryer does what it advertises. I can dry and style my hair in approximately 10 minutes. My hair is bob-length, straight and fine, but holds moisture so takes a long time to dry. For comparison, my daily hair dryer dries my hair in about the same time - maybe a minute longer - it's an 1875w Hot Tools Helix. The great thing with this dryer is that it is so lightweight. I'm using it as my everyday dryer, and I can hardly wait to travel with it. I love it!
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Feb 27, 2013
5 Star Rating
Great Dryer!
I've been using this X5 dryer for almost 8 years now. It's a fantastic dryer. It works really well, very lightweight, folds up nicely, doesn't take a lot of space, and pretty powerful. The one I had just died (after 8 years) and I'm buying another 2 of these (one to have in the house and one for travel).
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Oct 26, 2012
5 Star Rating
Excellent Travel Hair Dryer
I bought this specifically for an upcoming trip to Ireland and Scotland, and it worked perfectly! It is quite powerful and dried my hair quickly. If using this somewhere where you will need an adaptor, make sure you are only using an adaptor and not a voltage converter as well, since the hair dryer has its own coverter, you may damage your hair dryer if you use it with a voltage converter as well.
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Aug 27, 2012
1 Star Rating
A Real Zero
I purchased this item for a trip to four countries in Europe (UK, Germany, Vienna, and France). The blow dryer failed to deliver at every destination. The X5 would power-up, but immediately shut down and not operate. Totally useless. I know it was not caused by the adapters I used because I used the same adapter without issue for the CROC travel flat iron I purchased at the same time I bought this worthless X5 Travel Hair Dryer. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Folica would not allow me to return the X5 Superlousy Tourmaline because the 30 day period had passed, despite the fact that I was unable to return the item while traveling abroad for an extended period. The best Folica could offer was warranty service. I had to pay return shipping (apx $13.00) to get a replacement for an item I didn't really want to risk trying again. Now I have my "replacement" X5 but have no desire to drag this piece of junk along on another international trip since there is no way to test it before departure. Do yourself a favor, save yourself some money, spare yourself a lot of needless hassle, avoid the cost of return shipping: BUY A DIFFERENT TRAVEL DRYER!
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Jul 25, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great For Short Hair!
I have a short bob and this dryer cut my styling time in half. It also leaves my hAir with more shine. It is small, but that's one of the reasons I got it.
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United States
Jun 15, 2012
1 Star Rating
Stay Away! Not Safe!!!
I bought the X5 in October, 2011, because I wanted something light, small and effective when I travel internationally as a back-up. Since almost all hotels provide hair dryers, I didn't have a chance to use it until last month. I was in Spain, where the power line is 220v. The X5 started getting very noisy in a few minutes, and then, all of a sudden it got very very hot! I jerked and threw it out, but not before it burned my neck and my palm. My palm is now fine, but my neck was burned very badly. I was in pain for several weeks, and I still have the marks. Unfortunately for some reason the website won't allow me to upload the picture I took of the burns. Anyway, just a warning that this is an extremely dangerous device. I shuddered at the possibility that had I reacted a little bit slower, it could have burned my scalp and face!!!
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