Valera Swissf@n Supersilent Hairdryer

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Valera Swissf@n Supersilent Hairdryer features ionic conditioning to add moisture and shine to the hair


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Apr 6, 2012
2 Star Rating
Hair Doesn't Hold Up
Since I am the first to review this dryer, I am writing in great details.

Used this Valera SwissFon dryer only once but is enough for me to write a review. Hair looked nice initially (no flyaways, silky etc) however within 24 hours hair became completely flat, no body left, looking extremely shiny to the point of looking very greasy, and also showing static. I couldn't wait to go washing my hair the next day as it felt like I haven't washed my hair for too many days. I wonder if there is such a thing as too much ions from the dryer. I have normal medium dark hair, so I can not imagine if you have fine thin hair -- this dryer will be a wrong choice.

If you are interested in its physical specifications, here it goes: it is a medium size dryer (though they look really small in the picture), the barrel measures 6.5 inches long, handle 7 inches, wide nose with 2.5 inches in diameter, back vent 3.5 inches in diameter, cord 8.5 feet, weight 1 Lb (yes I weighed it). It claims super silent, however I can not really call that super silent, though not loud. It doesn't have dual voltage. It comes with 1 year warranty, however "warranty fee" cost $15.

Regarding speed and temperature, it has two speed, low and high. The low is a little too "low" too gentle, I could barely feel the blow. I need to use the high speed for normal drying, and it feels just right, not blowing too hard like some other dryers. It has three temperature settings, cool, eco and max. "Cool" gives lukewarm air, not cool air, eco gives nice and warm air, max gives much warmer but not too hot air. I like the combination of speed 2 and eco temp for drying purpose.

So the search for the perfect dryer continues. Perhaps the dryer is not the problem, it is the "ions", or perhaps it is this particular dryer with its particular ions. Who knows?

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