Valera Swiss Turbo 7200 Ionic Lightweight Professional Dryer

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Valera Swiss Turbo 7200 Ionic Lightweight Professional Dryer is the lightest professional hair dryer featuring an ions generator. This swiss-made ultra light dryer features super ionic conditioning plus a powerful motor with super air speed.


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Sep 23, 2013
5 Star Rating
I used this hair dryer again for the second time. I have to say that this is 10 times better than the Solia dryer. The cool shot is cold (after a few seconds) and the lowest temperature is cool air. it does not get too hot and it does not blow as hard as the Solia, as I've said before. But, it gets the job done fast!
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Sep 19, 2013
4 Star Rating
I currently own the Solia dryer (the dark blue one). I love it but wanted to try something new since I was pushing the buttons accidentally while drying my hair. I also wanted to try this product because I used to study and work in Switzerland and I know the Swiss make great products. The air doesn't seem to blow as hard as the Solia but this one gets hotter. I was convinced that I would have to return the dryer upon opening the package because the box did not mention tourmaline. However, the dryer itself indicates tourmaline on the bottom, next to the logo. The cool shot is not as cold as my Solia. Because the Solia blows truly cold air on low temperature setting like its cool shot, I will keep my Solia. However, this one is great. I was using the Infiniti Styler to help straighten new growth after shampoos & conditioners but, it got too hot for my hair. I decided to try it again and so much of my hair broke off even though I had a heat protectant. This Valera will replace that Infiniti styler. Another thing, the buttons are fine where they are because there's more room on the handle. Great idea!
Aug 1, 2013
5 Star Rating
Debbie G.
Mar 17, 2013
4 Star Rating
Hot And Light
So far so good. This 7200 replaces my Solia which was a bit heavy and took quite some time to dry my medium short hair. The Soila replaced my Sedu which was hot and heavy but had the worst cord for a personal hair dryer. Both the Soila and the Sedu had tangled cords that wrapped around and became difficult to untangle. Honestly can't someone create a cord that does not look like a boa constrictor after 6 months of usage. Well this is where the Valera corrects the problem by creating something it calls a RotoCord. Its a little ball that allows the short top portion of the cord to swivel around and not tangle the longer bottom portion of the cord. Voila-a cord that does not look like its about to strangle itself when used. So I like the cord - what about the dryer? The black plastic is not as nice as the Sedu or the Solia and it seems thinner (and lighter). The other dryers -while they did not function well - were a bit more attractive. Also this seems a bit louder than the other two. Maybe it has a larger motor or the thinner plastic allows for more noise to come through. Other than that I like that it is hotter and lighter and the cord is not tangling. I'm willing to live with more noise to get something I enjoy using and don't have to waste time playing with a tangled cord before drying my hair.
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Jan 24, 2013
5 Star Rating
Fantastic Dryer
I have had this dryer for two years. I loved it so much that I gifted one to my girlfriend. My hair dresser actually recommended it to me and I have loved it ever since.
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Jan 24, 2012
5 Star Rating
Buy This Dryer Period!!!! You Will Not Regret This Purchase!
My hair is naturally wavy, shoulder length, color treated hair. I am happy to say that I no longer have to use my GHD straightener after drying my hair with this dryer. It leaves my hair shiny and soft and stick straight. The air flow is seriously strong on high and dries my hair in about 3 minutes flat. It gets nice and hot but not scorch your scalp hot. The cold shot is nice and cold and the adjustable heat offers the perfect temp for all your needs. I really cannot comment on noise because my other dryer (Chi) was pretty loud and this is comparable, maybe slightly louder. It's not overly heavy either. One of the best things however is the rotocord. You don't realize how awesome it is, to not contend with cord tangles until you use this dryer and see the difference. The rotocord elminates them. Worth it's weight in gold for sure. Do not hesitate to buy this dryer, run, don't walk, it's that fantastic!!!!!
For reference, I've used Solano, Chi, iTech and Babyliss. This dryer blows them (pun intended) all away.
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Jan 11, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great Dryer!!!!
My T3 died and I bought this Valera dryer and am super happy with it. I was initially planning on buying one of the more popular Folica dryers from its top 10 list. However, when I read the reviews, quite a few of the dryers were criticized for being too heavy, unreliable, etc. I noticed that although this dryer had no reviews, the other Valera dryers got great reviews so I decided to take a chance. I love this dryer because it is ligh weight, has the ionic/tourmaline feature and although the description doesn't state it, it also has the roto cord, which means no more twisted cords! My hair looks much better now than it did with my T3 It looks more finished with less effort. I often skip my flat iron now, which I wasn't able to do before. I am super happy with this purchase and would buy this brand again.
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