Turbo Power MegaPower 4000 Professional Hair Dryer

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The Turbo Power Mega Power 4000 Professional Hair Dryer utilizes an entirely new ionic, ceramic, nano, and tourmaline technology for drying hair, nourishing and conditioning the hair for outstanding professional results.


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Queens NY
Mar 4, 2011
5 Star Rating
Must Have!
This is the def must have blow dryer!..I have very damaged,curly,coarse hair and it gets very puffy, i end up looking like a microphone..I been trying to repair my hair and trimmed it. This blow dryer leaves my hair very soft,silky, and smooth . It doesn't make so much noise and very light and it def cuts down time. My husband even noticed how nice it leaves my hair. Which means no need for a salon when i can do it myself.Thanks to this blow dryer i don't have to use my flat iron which means less damage to the hair. I def recommend this blow dryer!!
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Enid M.
Sep 30, 2010
5 Star Rating
A Must Have
My hairstylist recommended the Twin Turbo 2800 and I loved it ... 2 years later when I saw that the same company had a new dryer with ceramic tourmaline technology I had to get it...so I ordered it on folica recieved &it immediatly... I love this dryer it cut my drying time a little more than half the time. a few people I know have dryers by this company and they agree that they are very durable...this is a great dryer plus the price is right!
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Jennifer S.
Sep 23, 2010
1 Star Rating
Dryer Didn't Work
My hair stylist friend recommended this hair dryer to me, and I was so excited to try it, but never got the chance. I ordered it in red, and when I plugged it in, all I got was a metal on metal grinding sound followed by a burning smell. So I exchanged it for the same model, same color. Same exact problem! I didn't have enough confidence in the manufacturing of this model to try for a third time. So I will be ordering a different brand.
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Nicole B.
May 3, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Dryer!
I'd been using an Andis Ceramic/Ionic Dryer for years now, but decided to upgrade and give this one a try. I'm so happy that I did! This dryer doesn't get as hot as the Andis, but dries my hair in half the time. The Andis was good, but it did get hot enough to burn the hair at times. This dryer leaves my type 3b/c unrelaxed, permanently colored hair with a silky, smooth appearance. I've also used this dryer on my daughter's type 4 unrelaxed hair. Her hair is so healthy looking and appears silky like she's had a relaxer after blow drying alone. I use this dryer with the Willie Morrow comb attachment that I purchased separately from Folica(this dryer doesn't come with a comb attachment). Love it!
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Nashville, TN, USA
Jan 2, 2010
4 Star Rating
Very Good Dryer
I bought this dryer after reading the discontented reviews for the T3 which I was previously in the market for. There was not much written about this dryer and I was skeptical but wanted to give it a try after reading the review-the only review I could find even after googling. I also have fine, thin hair, but a lot of it. This dryer did everything it was supposed to-my hair dried in 7 minutes when it usually took me 20, it was a lot smoother too. The first thing my mom asked me when she saw me was if I had been to my hairstylist. So apparently, I was not the only one who noticed the results. The dryer IS a little heavier than my other dryer and it takes some getting used to but it's not bad. It claims to get rid of static build up in hair and to a point it does, but once you throw on a sweater the static is going to come right back again but I expected that. I barely needed to use my flat iron afterwards. I would recommend this hair dryer to my friends. Folica was also great to work with, I read a lot of good things about their website. I had a payment issue but they took care of it right away after a phone call. I am a happy customer and will return again to shop with them.
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Detroit, MI
Aug 11, 2009
5 Star Rating
Awesome Dryer!
This is one powerful dryer! It gets my rather thin, flat hair fluffy and shiny really quickly. My only complaint is that its a little heavy but since its so effective that doesnt bother me at all! I definitely recommend this dryer.
19 out of 21 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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