T3 Evolution Hair Dryer - White

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The Bespoke T3 Evolution is the hair dryer intended for serious hair care professionals. Offering the highest quality control, precision and versatility.


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Megan R.
Jul 5, 2011
2 Star Rating
Kept Shutting Off
As a professional Stylist, I was so so excited to use this blowdryer. Super bummed_ I blow dry hair client after client and the blowdryer would shut off during every single client blowout. It was embarrising that I would have to run to other stations to borrow other blow dryers cause mine had to cool down:( As a porfessional you need reliable equipment and this is far far far from it. When I purchased this product it only had a 1 yr warranty so maybe they have made some changes. If you are a professional I do not reccomend this product. And it is not powerful at all.
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Mar 10, 2011
2 Star Rating
Over Hyped & Over Priced
THE GOOD: Dries my hair quickly shich is important since my hair is super thick & heavy. The airflow is good. I can't rate the diffuser since I never use it.

THE BAD: Only 2 speeds: High & Low. My old hair dryer had a medium setting which I like since it avoids over-drying or burning my hair. Most annyoing is therediculously stuped placement of the on-off switches. They must have been designed witha baby's fingers in mind. The switches are right right in the middle of where the handle is. As a result it takes me twice as long to dry my hair because it keeps turning off. The price is rather high for the overall quality. Will definitely purchase something less expensive that is equally effective.
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Feb 4, 2011
5 Star Rating
Nothing Else Compares To This Dryer
I purchased a T3 Evolution dryer about 4 years ago. I have thick hair that has a resistant curl and depend heavily on my dryer to get it straight every day. I am also a sucker for high-end hair appliances and have gone through quite a few over the years (contrary to what I often read in reviews, every appliance has a "use" life, higher priced appliances don't necessarily last longer). After 4 years of daily use, the cord on my dryer finally went. I absolutely believe that this was a wear and tear type issue after 4 years, not a manufacturer's defect as my T3 has been completely problem-free otherwise. My hairdryer came with a phenomenal 4 year warranty that I was not even aware of - I mistakenly assumed it was 2 years and threw out the box and receipt after a few years.

When my T3 went, I decided to use my backup dryer which is the CTC Lite - not an inexpensive dryer by any stretch, but one that I thankfully got as a package deal when I purchased their straightening iron (which is phenomenal by the way). I thought I would make due with the CTC, but after a couple of weeks of use, there was no doubt in my mind that I would have to either purchase a new T3 or get the cord repaired. I contacted T3 asking about a repair and I could not believe the unbelievable response I got. Their customer is absolutely amazing and I cannot say enough about it. I got a really quick response from them telling me that they felt that my dryer could be replaced due to manufacturerâ??s defect. I wrote back telling them that I did not believe this was the case (hey I had to be honest), that I had had the dryer for almost 4 years and that I had neither the receipt or box any longer. The wrote back right away saying that as a courtesy they still would give me a complete replacement upon receiving my damaged one (there was a small handling fee covering shipping etc, but it was minimal). Sure enough, I received a brand new (not my repaired) hairdryer - this Luxe model that seems to work similar to my old Evolution. All I can say is wow!!!!!

The things I love about this dryer and what makes it perfect for curly haired girls that like to wear their hair straight is the sheer power of this dryer. It is super light, has really good blowing power and gets really hot without burning or frizz - of course you can go cooler if you like as it has multiple setting for both speed and heat as well as a cool shot button. As far as drying time, it does do as well as other high-end dryers - the CTC is good for this as well, but personally I find this easier to handle and I truly believe the end results are significantly better. I find my hair is straighter, the strands lie flatter throughout the day (with body still) and I do get more shine and less frizz overall. I love love love this dryer and no, I am not in anyway connected to the company - the dryer won me over years ago and the company philosophy/customer service has solidified my thinking - at least in my experience they backed up their belief in their product even when they clearly did not have to. I would recommend this dryer to anyone even if the customer service was not great, it just makes it so much nicer that it is.
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Fawn H.
Opelika, Al.
Jan 26, 2011
3 Star Rating
Only Average Product
I was disapointed in the dryer. Was only average. Excepecially for the price. Way to expensive for the product that you recieve.
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Jan 24, 2011
3 Star Rating
I had mine for 3 years and it just totally died. I read it that it had 3 year warranty so I just threw it away. I wished I would have contacted them since it was over just two weeks of three years. While I was using it, it was good, but once in awhile it would not work so I had to wait since it dies.

I would recommend it if it changed the warranty to 5 years like other girl was saying and if that is true.
Dec 19, 2010
5 Star Rating
The Hg Of Dryers!!
I splurged on this dryer for myself and I am glad I did. I purchased the matching diffuser (from another site as it was sold out here) and it is a superb combination for my fine curls. I also did a blow out with out and managed to knock off 10minutes of drying time with this dryer even though my other dryer is a professional dryer. Yes people, those dryers purchased from target or other local retailers cannot compare. Professional dryers will last you 3X longer and dramatically reduce the damage compared to professional dryers. This dryer is lightweight, has a very long cord, is fairly quiet and my blowout (using quality hair products) was frizz free, soft and shiny. My blow out did require the usual followup with a flat iron. Results were truly impressive.
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Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov 23, 2010
5 Star Rating
Greatest Dryer Ever!!!
I have tried the T3 Luxe Featherweight and didn't care for it. I read the reviews for this dryer and decided to purchase it. I am soooooo glad that I did. My hair feels so soft and silky after using this dryer. I personally don't find that it dries my hair faster than my current dryer (Sedu Revolution) but my hair feels much better after using the T3 than it ever did after using the Sedu. Since I received the dryer, I've gotten many compliments on my hair. I am very happy with my purchase! I love Folica too, they got the dryer to me very quickly and the box was packed securely. I received a free paddle brush with purchase and was able to take advantage of a 20% off offer.
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Oct 12, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best Dryer Ever!!!!!
This is the best thing I have bought myself since my smartphone( cannot name names). Anyway, it truly is the best hair dryer I have ever had. I get compliments every day on how beautiful my hair looks, and then how soft it is. Before it would take 45-60 minutes to dry my hair and I felt like I needed another shower because I would be so hot and sweaty. Not anymore!!! Now I am finished in about 15 minutes and it looks better...double great!!! Buy it you will not be sorry!!!!!!!!
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Oct 11, 2010
2 Star Rating
Model Number And Picture Are Incorrect
Although the model number listed and pictured is the 83888, the hair dryer that I received was a 73888 (an older model). I believed an error was made in the warehouse, but when I contacted Folica, they said, "Unfortunately, we do not carry the model that you are looking for [the 83888-se]." This was three weeks ago, and Folica still has not changed the listing. So, if you are looking for this specific model (83888-se), be aware that Folica will probably not ship you this specific model.
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Sandi H.
Aug 31, 2010
4 Star Rating
Good Blow Dryer
This blow dryer is terrific. It drys my hair in half the time of a normal hair dryer. After about a year and a half the low setting on the dryer broke. I contacted folica, sent it back and received a refurbished one in less than a week. So far I have no complaints on the new dryer I received. Although I love this dryer, it is really pricey.
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