SuperSolano 3600 Ion Micro Professional Hair Dryer

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Experience the next generation of professional hair dryesr with the SuperSolano 3600 Ion Micro.


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Sep 23, 2010
4 Star Rating
Good, Solid Dryer
The SuperSolano 3600 Micro Professional Hair Dryer is all in all a great blow dryer - I've cut a few minutes off of my styling time and my hair is never frizzy when drying it straight. The dryer is as heavy as any other professional dryer - I've had to give my arm a break a few times, but it's manageable. Those used to professional dryers shouldn't notice much of a difference. I do wish the low-level setting (at high heat) produced more heat - it's definitely not as hot as the high-level setting.
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Mar 24, 2010
4 Star Rating
Supersolano 3600 Micro Good But Not Great
This replaces by several years old Babybliss Pro TT that is not in production anymore. The old Babybliss has seperate dials for temp and speed which made each variable unlike all of todays models that essentially just have high, low and off for both the temp and speed. The SS 3600 appears very well built. It is rather heavy for its size and is slightly heavier than my old BB Pro TT is replaces even though it is slightly smaller. Pros: Well built, good warranty (can be extended after standard 2 year is up) Cons: Does not get hot enough. My old BB Pro TT on medium low is hotter than the medium setting. Overall, 4/5 stars. I wish manufacturers would offer more speed and temp settings.
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Mar 17, 2010
5 Star Rating
Quick And Incredible!
This dryer has sped up my dry time in the morning by over 10 minutes and I have short hair. I get smooth and straight results every time. This is by far the best dryer I have ever used. I travel quite a bit and will never rely on the dryers at hotel but always save room for this in my suitcase.
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Karen Harrison
Bakersfield, California
Sep 21, 2009
5 Star Rating
20 Year Old Solano Blow Dryer
I purchased my Solano Blow Dryer in 1989. Yes... 1989 ! It just broke this morning 9-21-2009. I just purchased the 3600 Micro. I wonder if it will go 20 years as well. I have told people before about my blow dryer and it is with complete astonishment.
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