Solia Thermal Ionic 1875W Hair Dryer Value Set

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The Solia Thermal Ionic 1875W Hair Dryer value set has the powerful, highly rated Solia Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer, the Wet brush to easily detangle wet hair and Folica claw clip for quick way to hold hair.


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Brooklyn, NY
Mar 27, 2014
5 Star Rating
Life Changing Hair Dryer
My hair is: relaxed, no color, dry, thick, shoulder length, Chaka Khan

I bought this product because: For the past year, I have decided to not go to the hair salon for my weekly set, and do it at home! With my old dryer (a Conair I had for 7, 8 years) it would take me about 2 hours to blow dry and flat iron (Soli Tourmaline Ceramic Ion). I tried my Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer yesterday and it took me 30 minutes total. 30 MINUTES! Unheard of with my thick relaxed hair!
I used it this way: I washed/conditioned, sectioned my hair into 9 sections, used a round brush around each sections edges and my Denman Classic Styling Brush 9-Row to straighten each section. Flat ironed the ends and voila!
My results were: Silky, soft, shiny and even my husband noticed a difference on first glance.
I liked it because: the dryer was lightweight and powerful!
I would it because: its a great bang for the price, especially if you participate in the Recycle Program!
I think it's be good for someone with hair like me!
Final thoughts: Do yourself a favor and buy this please!
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Lori B.
New York
Mar 3, 2014
2 Star Rating
Not Impressed
I tried the folica because I was looking for a dryer to help tame the frizzies. I have fine hair and the reviews I read were good. I wouldn't mind spending the money if I was pleased. I returned the unit because I felt it was no different then the dryer I purchased at the local drugstore (no name dropping) .
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Los Angeles
Feb 16, 2014
5 Star Rating
Is It Legal To Love A Blowdryer?
The best blowdryer I have had to date. It is powerful and has a variety of settings. My hair is regular and halfway down my back and this drier cut my dying time in half. My hair feels incredible, not frizzy and 0 static. So happy with the investment I made on this product.
Diane D.
United States
Feb 14, 2014
4 Star Rating
Good Deal
Many said their frizz was eliminated with this dryer but that hasn't been the case for me yet. It's a little heavy but overall it was a good deal. It's much more quiet than my old dryer and so much better in quality. The hottest setting does not seem as hot when on the lower fan speed but overall it has more power and less noise. Ordered when there was a flash deal so got a good price and it was bundled with a brush and clip.
Ashley H.
Wellington, FL
Feb 14, 2014
5 Star Rating
Life Saver
As a student in cosmetology school, I LOVE this blowdryer. Not too heavy. Nice stream of air, very nice and shiny results!!! Buy this, totally worth it! Great investment :)
Feb 14, 2014
5 Star Rating
Love It Love It
I finally got the hit I need.
Jan 30, 2014
3 Star Rating
Not Worth The Money
If you like to walk through wind tunnels to blow dry your hair, then this product is for you. I purchased the product because of how it markets using less heat. Less heat it does use, but with less heat comes more of a blowing effect.
Erica P.
New York City
Jan 27, 2014
3 Star Rating
I've Had Better
It takes a while before it blows out hot air. I do not have thick nor very curly hair. But this hair dryer leaves my hair frizzy...
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Jan 25, 2014
5 Star Rating
I love this hair dryer. It makes getting my hair looking good so much faster and easier than with a drug store dryer. Really worth a little extra $ to save time and look my best. I'll never want to be without it. I have been using this dryer for the last few weeks, and I have salt and pepper hair that is shoulder length. It's straight, but not smooth the way it was when I was young, except when I use this dryer.
Jan 24, 2014
3 Star Rating
A Lot Of Trial And Error To Achieve The Right Results
I'm not sure I'm sold on the ionic feature of hairdryers, or if it's just this model. I have VERY fine but thick natural golden blonde hair which I do lighten slightly. It is what is call frizzy/bendy/wavy. I have the added *bonus* of having very hard well water in my home. The result has been disastrous. My hair breaks around the hairline once it reaches more than 2-3 inches long. I do have a filter on my shower heads, but they can only do so much, so I have tried every combination of products to try to ease the problems. Most protective Serums and heavy conditioners (even light ones) make my hair too greasy when using the ionic Hairdryer, but when I don't, my hair isn't protected and continues to break. My hair ends up being very flat and greasy looking at the top, and limp and greasy towards the ends (my hair just touches my shoulders). I end up having to try to "fluff" my hair up after drying and smoothing it straight. This model Hairdryer gets way too hot (I had to turn one of these back to Folica recently b/c it was getting too hot and also losing airflow power - luckily it was under warranty, but I would have rather returned it for a completely different Hairdryer. A Hairdryer of this *quality* should last longer than 6 months!) The Hairdryer also causes my home's power to go out, even if there is nothing else plugged into the same outlet except for a flat iron. In summary, the Hairdryer makes your hair too flat and greasy when combined with protective products, it causes damage due to the excessive heat output, and it is annoying that it causes a power outage whenever I use it. I do not recommend this dryer - it adds more grief and more time to an already annoying and time-consuming part of my day - styling my hair. I would love a recommendation about a great Hairdryer that will start my day out RIGHT instead of WRONG!!!
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