Solano Top Power 3200 Ion Hair Dryer

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Limited Supplies Available! The Solano Top Power 3200 with Ion Technology is a high performance dryer with a durable motor and 1875 watts of extreme power.


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Ca C.
Aug 19, 2013
3 Star Rating
Dries Well, Bad Design And Heavy
Heavy, and switches are in weird spot, keep turning heat off and dryer to low accidentally when drying my hair, bad design however the dryer does do a nice job...
May 17, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Hair Dryer Of All Time!!!
I bought my first Solano hair dryer 26 years ago after my hair stylist at the time raved about them. That dryer was used and abused for 15 years before it finally quit. Then a hair stylist friend bought me a different brand as a present--didn't work as well but it a salon quality one so I used it. I wasn't super happy with it so I bought an Elchim because the price was so good. That was a mistake--the plug in part was so cheaply made that it hit my tile floor and cracked so bad the dryer no longer works. I decided time to go back to the Solano...and I'm glad I did. This is hands down THE BEST hair dryer of all time. I can't believe how fast it dries my hairs and dries it PERFECTLY. The Elchim was good but not as good as the Solano and the Solano is easier to hold. I will never ever buy anything but a Solano ever again. If you're going to invest in a salon quality hair dryer buy a Solano--don't be fooled by anything else.
Lisa F.
Apr 30, 2013
5 Star Rating
Fast, Powerful, And Super-shiny Hair!
I had previously purchased a Solano 3500 Lite for my daughter and me to share. I chose Solano because of the brand's reputation for longevity. I was very pleased with that Solano; so when the 3200 Ion became available, and Folica was offering a great deal, I jumped at the chance. My hair is fine, but there is a LOT of it, so I want a dryer with power but all the great technology to keep my hair healthy and soft. The 3200 Ion works fabulously. If I blow it straight, it looks perfect (well, still getting the hang of the brush and all, but it turns out really shiny and soft). If I rough-dry my hair and then curl it, there is still a lot of shine. The 3200 is comfortable to hold and use--it's only a little heavier than the 3500 Lite. So, now I have one to myself, and my daughter can keep hers and take it with her if she leaves home (because I'm planning on the Solano brand to last for years).
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