Solano 3200 Top Power Hair Dryer

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The Solano 3200 Top Power Hair Dryer delivers smooth, frizz-free, professional looking results!


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May 3, 2011
4 Star Rating
Nice Dryer
This is a great high powered hair dryer. It probably dries my hair in half the time of my conair. Only reason I give it 4 stars and not 5 is because of price.
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Mar 18, 2011
5 Star Rating
Great Results, Great Investment!
I purchased the Solano 3200 hair dryer as a "back up" hair dryer to my Elchim 2001 (Classic). Based on past experience, I've found it helpful to have an extra hair dryer in emergencies. I've been extremely satisfied with my Elchim 2001, but I wanted to try a Solano model based on the excellent reviews. After much deliberation among Solano models, I chose the 3200 based on the price, great reviews, 1875 watts and two year warranty, and the tourmaline and ionic features (which reduce drying time). Also, the Solano 3200 appears sleeker in design (compared to the original Solano) and, though no longer referenced, the Solano 3200 is slightly lighter in weight than the original Solano. I am thrilled with the results I get from this hair dryer--equal or better than what I get in the salon. Super volume, soft, shiny hair with no dry ends and fast results are what you can expect from the Solano 3200. Tested side by side, the Solano 3200 and the Elchim 2001 are both superior, professional hair dryers, which produce exceptional results (also, similar in weight and relatively quiet). I'd definitely repurchase either model (though the Solano 3200 is less expensive). Note: I had returned the Sedu Revolution 400i hair dryer for the Solano 3200. Though I was intrigued by the rave reviews on the Sedu, I found it hard to justify the expense, given that the Sedu emitted an irritating high-pitched noise from its motor and left my hair soft, but flat and lifeless. For the price (especially with a promotional discount through, the Solano 3200 is a great investment-- an exceptional hair dryer which produces volume, soft, shiny hair and fast, salon-quality results---better than any dept. store hair dryer you've ever owned. Received in two days from the date of order through
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Lynn C.
Dec 23, 2010
5 Star Rating
This Is A Threepeat - I Will Never Give This Brand Up
I got tired of the drug store hairdryers that seldom lasted a year back in the early seventies and was told that a Solano was the best. And it still is. When mine took a fatal fall a few minutes ago, I went right to the web site and checked reviews (happy to see I still have a brand with a solid reputation) and got a new one. At 63, I'm buying my third - they do a beautiful job on my hair and last over fifteen years with daily family use. They feel good, work wonderfully, have a nice long cord and a stylish look - quality and dependability - thank you Italy!
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Nov 11, 2010
4 Star Rating
Dries Faster
I had an original Solano for several years, which started dying, so I got this one. For some reason, the new one dries my hair much faster. Maybe it's the wider attachment, but it works fantastically! I would love it even more if it were a bit lighter, but it's not that bad either. Overall, I'm very happy with this dryer.
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Anne S.
Oct 30, 2010
5 Star Rating
The Best Blower Dryer I Ever Had
I love my new solono blow dryer. It is the best investment I ever made. I am thrilled with the outcome of the power of the dryer.


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Oct 4, 2010
5 Star Rating
"i Am Able To Dry That Spot Completely"
I have thick hair that I hate blow drying myself, Id rather go to a professional hair dresser. Before this hair dryer, Id always have a wet spot on the back of my head....but now with this Solano 3200 product, I am able to dry that spot completely.
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Susan M.
Mabank, TX
Sep 27, 2010
5 Star Rating
Can't Go Wrong With The Solano 3200 Hairdryer And Solano Diffuser
I had to order a diffuser and noticed that the Solano diffuser had some comments, mostly saying it would not fit any hairdryer. So...I just ordered a Solano 3200 hairdryer also and I am glad I did. I just LOVE the diffuser and the hairdryer. The hairdryer has every imaginable speed/heat/cool settings. It also has a nice extra long cord.
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Lauren S.
West Palm Beach, Fl
Sep 21, 2010
4 Star Rating
Great Upgrade
I've been using my $13 Conair blow dryer for 5 years and it worked fine. To be honest, I don't really have the patience for blow drying the thick, curly, frizzy mess I call my hair. I usually got it dry and then used my FHI flat iron. But then, 4 months ago, I got my first Keratin treatment. After my 2nd time, I decided it was time to stop avoiding the blow dryer and enjoy the "quick" blow dry promised by my treatment.

At my stylist's recommendation, I bought a Solano. Upon tearing open the box, I discovered that this truly gave a whole 'nother meaning to power. I excitedly washed and blew dry my hair. What I discovered is that is does cut my drying time in half. I have long, curly hair down to my back and it took me about 35 mins to dry/ style my hair. I didn't quite get the frizz free results I wanted, so that's why I gave it 4 stars rather than 5. Perhaps I will retract this after further use.

I didn't have any issues with the buttons but I leave it on high during my entire blow out until I use the cool setting. Cord is super long which is great. Comes with 2 concentrators, also a nice touch.

Overall, way better than my Conair (duh) and I don't regret the money spent, well worth every penny. Hopefully I can improve my technique so that I can get salon quality results.
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Mary J.
Tampa, FL
Aug 18, 2010
5 Star Rating
Amazing Product
i am a hair stylist and i use this everyday it does an amazing job in keeping the frizz down on my clients it makes their hair soft and shiny i also love the cool setting on it i Have only had for 7 months and i couldn't imagine doing hair without it
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Sue T.
Aug 13, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best Dryer Out There
Best dryer for the money. It will cut your drying time dramatically and will leave you hair in much better condition. I have been using this one for a few years and it is a work horse. It even dries my daughter's thick, curly hair in no time and does seem to reduce the frizz. It is heavy and the buttons could be better places but it works so well and has held up so well that is so minor. I love this dryer. Solano products are so reliable and well made, worth the investment even if you are not a hairdresser. If you are constantly replacing your $50 dryer spend a bit more and this will last for years, plus is has a longer cord which I love.

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