Sedu Revolution 4000i on-the-go Kit

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Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer on-the-go kit includes the market's most raved about hair styling tool. The Sedu 4000i is engineered with ceramic tourmaline technology which dries hair faster and provide moisture for a smooth finish. This kit includes the Sedu Compact Styler (dual Voltage) and the Sedu Sea Salt Spray.


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Ana B.
Bay Area California
3 days ago
3 Star Rating
Over Hyped And Dissapointing
I had high hopes for this hair dryer after reading good reviews and following the recommendations for picking one for my hair type. Well, this dryer is really no better than the $20 conair dryer I bought at Costco. The low temp setting is too low and although the high temp setting is good, when you combine the super air flow, my hair blows all over the place and it's hard to control. For reference I have extremely thick coarse dark hair (I'm latina) and this hair dryer left me with frizz every single time. I tried using different hair products in conjunction with the hair dryer, but no matter what this dryer left me with a big poofy mess. I guess I'm giving it 3 starts for the powerful motor, but other than that I wish I could return it, but I waited too long to do so. The lack of stars is for how hard it is to control the outcome of your hair with this dryer...I expected something that was going to take my hair from wet to amazing in 20 minutes. No. Dissapointed.
Los Angeles
This week
3 Star Rating
So-so Dryer. Way Overpriced.
When it was time for a second dryer, I was faced with a decision. Get another Solia or try a different brand. I decided to shell out more money and try a Sedu to see what all the fuss is about. I tried to like it which is why I didn't return it after initial disappointing results. I thought I just had to "get used to a new dryer". Well, after owning it for 1.5 years...I still don't get what the fuss is about. And I'm still disappointed with the dryer everytime I use it.

The air flow produced by this Sedu is not as strong as the Solia. It takes me long to dry my long wavy heavy Asian hair with the Sedu. It's not strong enough to lift my hair at the roots. But for some reason it always does a number on my ends leaving me with knots and frizzies. Then when I use a bristle brush to straighten and smooth in sections, the Sedu heats my strands so much hotter than the Solia but without as good of results. My hair also comes out frizzier with the Sedu.

With the Solia, the airflow is strong but not violent. I have great control. I get great volume. I don't get frizzies. It leaves my hair smooth and shiny.

I'm sad that I bought a Sedu. I wished I just bought another Solia.

When my friends ask me about my dryers and, I always recommend the Solia. And when I want to buy some one a dryer as a gift, I always get Solia now. I've learned my lesson.
Last week
3 Star Rating
I had the Sedu 6000i and LOVED it. I have hard to dry hair--there's a lot of it, and it has a mix of textures (some normal, some coarse, some fine). It also is curly/frizzy but isn't uniformly so, so wearing it natural is not an option. It takes a powerful and adequately hot blowdryer to nix the frizz and provide a smooth blowout. I bought the Sedu 6000 based on a stylist's recommendation (had been using a Rusk Speed Freak), and it did not disappoint. It handled my mop of hair like a pro--calmed frizz, not too hot but hot enough, LOTS of airflow and a bit faster than other dryers I'd had. But then, one day, it fell off the counter onto tile, and a couple of the fan blades broke. I called Sedu and found out about their "no questions" warranty replacement, so I set up the return. They told me I'd be getting the 4000i as a replacement since the 6000i was an older model and had been discontinued. They assured me that the 4000 was actually an upgrade--more wattage, lighter and smaller. I was very wary when I heard this news because a) I wanted the exact same dryer, and b) the model number was lower than mine (not necessarily indicative of anything, but often newer models of the same product go UP in number, not down). So I was concerned that I'd be getting a lesser product. They said that the 4000 was a higher priced model. I crossed my fingers. Then I got the replacement. It's total crap. It is NOT a better dryer, despite having 1875 watts as compared to my old one with 1600w. The airflow seems about 3/4 of what my 6000 had. It's barely better than a cheap drugstore Conair. As a result, my hair never gets completely straight/smooth. The dryer is simply not powerful enough. It also does not get very warm as compared to my 6000. It's lukewarm at best. I don't need it to be blazing hot or anything--I know better than to think heat is the be-all/end-all of dryers--but it does need to get warm enough to extract the water from my sponge-like hair! The 6000 did this with NO trouble, but the 4000 struggles to get the water and the kinks out, and takes about 50% more time to do so. The lack of performance may have something to do with the shape of the barrel (it's fat and stubby, with a short barrel, instead of elongated, so the result is that the air disperses and cools off by the time it gets to the hair and isn't as focused as it would be if the barrel were longer (unless you hold it RIGHT on top of the hair section you're drying, which you aren't supposed to do, and I never had to do this with my 6000. I could hold the dryer 6-8 inches from the hair and it smoothed/dried it perfectly. The other issue is that the shorter barrel makes it hard to even get the dryer close enough to the hair when you're working with the opposite side or back unless you have freakishly long arms (you know how you have to wrap your arm over the top of your head to get to the other side). So even if you wanted to put the dryer nozzle right on the section of hair, it's hard to do that anywhere except when working on the same side of your head as you're holding the dryer on. And finally, the frizz. If I get my hair completely dry with this dryer, it's like a pile of straw. Coarse, straw-like, dull and no bounce. If I stop drying while it's still a bit shiny and still has bounce at the ends, it's still a bit damp, so it curls/frizzes up as it dries completely. I am beyond frustrated and just want my 6000 back.
Jamie M.
United States
Last week
5 Star Rating
Best Dryer I've Owned And Amazing Customer Service!
i'm a professional stylist, so i have tried every pro dryer out there, and the sedu 4000i is by far my favorite. i have one for both at home and in the salon and it is great for all hair types; no problems at all on my fine, thin hair and fast and effective on crazy, thick textured hair as well. the dryer has ample power and gets hot enough to smooth texture but not so hot that it will damage already fragile hair. i've had my salon dryer for about 5 years now, and it is still going strong. i am only now writing my review because i just received the most exceptional customer service from the sedu customer service representative. i dropped my dryer and broke the filter portion, and with one easy phone call made, the representative with her most pleasant demeanor said that she would just send me a new one, no charge, no hassle. today is officially a great day.

great for all hair types
long, no-tangle chord
company provides great customer service

cons (i don't consider these cons, but some might):
a tad heavy, too heavy for my mom
a tad loud, doesn't bother me though
*the above two attributes are something you will always encounter with the best, most powerful dryers; it's a worthy trade-off for me.
Amanda R.
New York, NY
Mar 3, 2015
5 Star Rating
Best Blow Dry
This blow dryer is life changing! Blow dries my thick, wavy hair in half the time it typically takes. Smooth, silky, frizz-free, straight hair in minutes. I've tried tons of other (expensive) dryers/brands and this one is by far the best yet. It is also really compact, so it will travel nicely. Recommending to all of my friends!
Mar 2, 2015
2 Star Rating
Makes My Fine Hair A Knotted Mess!
I've had this dryer for a few years now, and I don't understand the hype (I'm actually searching for a replacement because I'm tired of dealing with it). It's fairly heavy and makes my hair fine, wavy hair super knotted, like I've been driving in a convertible all day. It also doesn't dry my hair quickly and it ends up being a frizzy pouf even with product. I also have a straightener from this brand that's meh as well. Guess Sedu just doesn't work for my hair type.
Feb 15, 2015
5 Star Rating
This Dryer Will Change You Life!
I have never owned an expensive dryer. All of mine have been drugstore brands. Because I thought there was no way it could make a difference. I spend a lot on haircuts , brushes, flat irons etc but never the blowdryer. My hair never looked like it does at the salon using the cheap dryers. So finally I bought a Sedu and the very first time using it my hair looked EXACTLY like it did at the salon.

I almost want to cry for all the years my hair was frizzy and poufy and would never lay flat. Even the flat iron would not produce a silky smooth look like the Sedu does.

I have a LOT of hair so I used a few drops of Moroccan oil and sectioned it in to 4 parts. I used a very large round brush and in a short amount of time had perfect hair.

You use a hair dryer almost every day. Don't question for a moment spending the money on a nice one. You will be happy you did.
Feb 13, 2015
3 Star Rating
Not The Holy Grail I Thought It Would Be.
I really wanted to like this blow dryer. I have 3 Sedu flat irons that i love and work fabulously. I assumed that the blow dryer would work just as well. It may have dried my hair a little faster than my old FHI but it was certainly no where near as smooth. I tried with both the ion on and once with it off. For this kind of money I expected better results. I'm sending it back and will try the Solia.
United States
Jan 30, 2015
5 Star Rating
Best Of The Best
I love this blow dryer, it is the best. Its lightweight which is perfect because my hair is long and curly. It is powerful and you can get different looks, if you switch to the tourmaline your hair can be super straight, and if you turn it off you can get a more wavy natural look. I rarely have to use the flat iron after I use this blow dryer, it is absolutely great! Oh and it is also fast!
Brig V.
United States
Jan 11, 2015
1 Star Rating
Price Increase
It's unfortunate that just 1 year ago you were selling this dryer for $160. Any reason for you hiking up the price? Possibly to account for your regular sales. Shame on you, Folica. :(
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