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Athens, GA
Dec 19, 2011
5 Star Rating
Sedu Icon Prive Hair Dryer -excellent For Me
I love my new hair dryer. I had reviewed all hair dryers and really wanted this one, but hesitated because of the price. I got a 25% off offer from Folica and that sealed the deal. It works well with the diffuser on my thick curly hair. I've also used it to dry furnishings on my show dog - a Miniature Schnauzer, who was very timid with my large hair dryer used on my Giant Schnauzers (which is a lot like a leaf blower). So I'm very happy to find a dryer that works quickly on my little guy. Tried to post a picture of my dog but my files are not sized to fit.
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Victoria, BC
Oct 25, 2011
5 Star Rating
Words Cant Even Explain
Okay - I know what you're thinking.. $700 for a BLOWDRYER ?!?! I got this hair dryer when I got out of hair school and started working at a High End Salon. I treat this baby like it's by child ( i didn't get it for 700 i paid full price ) . This is the best hair dryer in the world. I cant even describe how amazing. It dries my clients hair in LESS the half the time of a regular dryer. On Thick and Course hair it dries it silky , smooth and tangle free. For thin fine hair it dries it with tons of volume - or if done with the right round brush gives it tons of curl. This works with any type of hair with minimal damage.This is a must have. I know it's expensive but if you can afford it TRUST ME you will not regret it. This will last for you years and years. It comes with 6 year warranty , but it will easily last you for 15- 25. This thing is unreal and so durable. love love love love love this. Best . Blowdryer. Ever !
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United States
Oct 23, 2011
5 Star Rating
Good Investment
At first I thought I had lost my mind. How could I justify so much money for a hairdryer. I don't style hair for a living.

I have had this dryer for a few days now.( I wash my hair daily) It is quite a machine. I have the thickest, waviest mess of long coarse hair and was resolved to never getting a smooth blowout- even with my expensive Sultra.

I called Folica and talked to the nicest person who had actually seen the hairdryer at work. While she told me she wanted one, she also told me that I could return it if it was not what I expected.

Nothing could be more fair than that, so I revved up my Bill me Later account and took the plunge. Drying with the diffuser was so fast- and of course so is the nozzle blowout. I think the biggest payoff for me is the sleekness of my hair. I just never could get a blow dryer to work out the heavy waves that would remain after blowing it out- no matter what brush I used.

If time is valuable to you, this is for you. If smooth hair is valuable to you- this is for you. If you are on the fence- remember how valuable YOU are- try it. The worst that can happen is that you won't like it and Folica has many options and great help when you call. Chances are- and be warned- you won't let them pry this from your fingers once you use it.
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New York
Oct 19, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best I've Used
It is the quickest addiction I ever had in NY in my 40 years of hairdressing. I cannot even think of not having it in my life. It cut my blow drys on long hair in half. And on shorter and fine hair it creates mega volume.
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