Rx7 Superlite Tourmaline Dryer Set

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Rx7 Superlite Tourmaline Dryer Set features advanced nano ionic technology with infrared heat technology that leaves hair full of shine, soft to the touch and moisturized.


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Apr 28, 2013
5 Star Rating
Absolutely Awesome. Please Read Instructions And Use Correctly. This Is Not A One Button Dryer.
I will say this is more of a professional blow dryer. Why do I mention this? If you have fine, chemically treated blonde hair you should not set this to the top settings, use no nozzles and blow away. Yes, this was me the first time I used it. Each person has different hair. I had to learn how to dry my hair. (I've been used to 2 buttons Medium and high) LOL.

When you hit something more along the professional lines, if you were like me, you need to read instructions...search the internet and know what you are doing. A. with fine, chemically treated or not you should not be putting the air and heat on max.

You can easily look up celebrity blow drying tips. My last blow dryer was never that hot so you couldn't go wrong. This is an awesome dryer but do not subsitute hitting high and hottest to get out of the door if you have hair like mine. I have seen other brands rated really high for the fact they remove the options from you.

Using this correctly it is an awesome dryer at a great price. No one wants to buy a new one every year or throw it under the sink so you never use it. So if you know what you are doing this is a great multitasking, multihair, very very easy on the hand dryer. If you are willing to spend 5 minutes to review an article on how to use a dryer then this is also a great bargain and great dryer.
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Antoinette A.
Apr 19, 2013
1 Star Rating
After reading reviews, i purchased this dryer. One word: awful. My hair was weird, puffy, opaque, looking like straw. I was scared, treat my hair with hair mask and recover. Returned. Not recommended. Lesson learned.
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Mar 21, 2013
5 Star Rating
Love This!
Very happy with this purchase... This fan changed my puffy and curly hair to silky, strait and shiny... I would recommend this product to everyone who likes something elegant with advanced technology.
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Los Angeles
Feb 17, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Bargain Hairdryer
I'm the first to buy this AMAZING hair dryer. First, it is a super bargain price deal for a hairdryer with two nozzle concentrators and a ceramic/tourmaline hairbrush. Second, a professional hairdryer I've never heard of, gives an incredible smoothest hair I've ever had. Lastly, for such a lightweight hairdryer, it really gives a powerful heating elements without damaging my hair. I couldn't asked for a better hairdryer in years:))
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