Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer

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Panasonic Nanoe™ Hair Dryer. Invisible Nanoe, Visible results.


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Becky R.
Brooklyn, NY
Nov 17, 2014
2 Star Rating
Maybe Not For Everyone
I've had the Sedu 3600 since 2011 (it's like the 4000 but less power, and has since been discontinued), and after dropping it too many times the back of it broke off, and I felt it wasn't performing the same anymore so I wanted to try this Panasonic dryer. I hoped that it would keep up with my Sedu but be kinder to my purple hair, which likes to break off at the ends these days.

The instruction manual does note that the nanoe may not work for certain types of hair, such as "crimpy hair, strong curly hair, very smooth hair, short hair, or who have had a hair straightening perm in the last three or four months." I didn't count myself as being in any of these categories, so I figured this was going to be great for me. Unfortunately, after using it for a week I get the impression that the moisture in the nanoe is actually preventing my hair from getting dry enough. I spent twice as long as with the Sedu and my hair was still at that frizzy, not-quite-dry stage. I had to use the highest heat and fan settings to even get close to the shine I had with the Sedu.

Additionally, the ergonomics weren't for me. I like to turn the concentrator nozzle vertical and hold the dryer sideways, using my right hand for both sides of the head, but because the nanoe nozzle is above the dryer nozzle, it seemed necessary to hold the dryer with the nanoe "above" or "behind" the dryer nozzle as I went down the hair shaft. This was really uncomfortable for me, especially trying to get at the back of my head. This is probably not an issue for professional stylists, but for someone drying her own hair I'm not sure if this design is effective. The manual doesn't say whether you *have* to have the nanoe nozzle in that position, but it seemed like the only logical way for the nanoe to have an effect. You want it to go on the bit of hair that you're drying; not somewhere else. Also, there's a "nanoe charge panel" on the handle, and you have to keep your hand in contact with that so no holding this by the barrel.

As for the attachments, I actually felt that the concentrator wasn't narrow enough and wasn't giving me enough pressure, and didn't get the impression that the "quick dry" nozzle was doing anything for me either. I did not try the diffuser because I was already impatient with the other attachments.

Most of all I was disappointed because I ordered this and then waited almost two months to get it, because of supply issues, and after all the anticipation it didn't deliver. The Panasonic nanoe dryer is a really cool idea, but I think the design needs to be tweaked somehow, and the main feature isn't guaranteed to work for all types of hair.
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Apr 25, 2014
5 Star Rating
Healthy Hair- Fast
When I'm looking for a hair dryer, I normally just look to see how fast it can dry my hair, so I was pleasantly surprised that I got some hair health benefits from this. My hair felt smoother after a week or so and I actually did notice improved shine (minimal, but I'll take it!). I'm happy to say that I'm using less smoothing serum products, my wallet is thanking me, and I feel like I'm doing less overall damage to my hair (it looks that way anyway). I also really like that this dryer can dry my hair fast. With my old hair dryer (it was a cheap $40 tool) I feel like I spent 30 minutes giving myself a "blowout" - I use the term loosely - but with this, I can dry my hair in 15-20 minutes. Super quick!
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Mar 31, 2014
5 Star Rating
Quiet & Quick Dry
I have heard many good things about Panasonic dryers in Asia so I decided to try this out. I don't really need all of the attachments but I guess it's nice to have. I love how quiet this dryer is compared to the other dryers on the market. I don't have to feel like I'm damaging my ear drums every day. I do find it a bit heavy but I guess its because I usually search for light dryers. & The dryer does dry my hair in very little time.
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Mar 13, 2014
5 Star Rating
Excellent Tool
I was looking for a hair dryer for a long time and had to return Elchim and Rowenta. This dryer is not small in size, but not heavy. It provides a convenient range of speed and temperature settings without a loud noise. The most distinctive feature is that the hair is not exposed to a burning heat flow and looks and feels silky when dried.
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