Jose Eber Infrared Hair Dryer

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The Jose Eber Infrared Hair Dryer uses an innovative far infrared light to infuse a gentle heat deep inside the hair cuticle, not on the surface of the hair shaft, reducing drying time by half and reduces damage.


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Jul 14, 2014
5 Star Rating
Highly Recommend!!
I have had this blow dryer for almost 2 years now and it is a total game changer!!! Before I purchased the Jose Eber dryer, I had been using $30 Conair dryers from Target. The difference was absolutely amazing. With the cheaper dryer, my wavy/curly long hair took 15 minutes to blow dry straight. There are times when I swear to you my entire head is dry in 2 minutes (and straight!!!!) after being wrapped in a towel after my shower. 2 is my current record, but it rarely takes more than 5 minutes. I noticed some of the reviews complained about the weight, but that is actually one thing I love about this dryer- unlike cheaper ones from other brands, this guy is substantial to say the least...once you adjust to the weight, it actually becomes reassuring to have. Also- the infrared light definitely makes a difference!!! My hair feels soft after I blow dry it, instead of feeling fried or like I got struck with a giant dose of humidity. I bought mine from, and it came with a life time warranty (not sure if Folica offers that as well) so while it is a considerable amount of money, it's worth every penny PLUS it will never break down, or you get a new one. Win win. LOVE IT!!
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Jul 8, 2014
1 Star Rating
Arrived Defective
I was disappointed that this dryer arrived not working. The first thing I noticed it how heavy this dryer is. Then when I turned it on it sounded funny and started blowing out pieces of plastic.

I will be returning it for a refund.
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United States
Jul 21, 2013
4 Star Rating
I Wanted To Love It So Much.
UGH. I was so so so excited to get my Jose Eber dryer. The only problem is... its WAY TOO HEAVY. I have had shoulder injuries in the past and really need something lightweight. I love how it made my hair feel, the infrared technology and everything about it except for the weight. Unfortunately its too hard on my shoulder and I have to ship it back. If you need something lightweight, this isn't for you.
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May 7, 2013
4 Star Rating
"love The Waves And Shine"
I am amazed by how this hairdryer protects color and adds highlights!!!!!! Can you believe this???? The natural waves are beautiful too as is the lightness and bounce of hair once it is dry. Loved how fast it dries too. It is a keeper!!
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Kate P.
San Francisco, CA
Mar 27, 2013
3 Star Rating
Heavy, Awkwardly Designed Handle
I had high hopes for this dryer, but unfortunately returned it because it didn't live up to my expectations. Overall, it produced a good end result, but I have a few issues that made it not worth keeping. The dryer "blows" much harder that the hair dryers I'm used to (T3 and Sultra) which I wasn't a huge fan of because it felt harder to control where it was drying. It's also the heaviest hair dryer I've ever used which, when you have hair that takes a while to blow out, can be an issue. Finally, the design of the handle is such that, with a normal grip, you are pressing the "cold shot" button so you have to hold it awkwardly to avoid doing so.

Considering the cost, it was not worth keeping for me. Going to try something else!
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Lindsey P.
Mar 12, 2013
5 Star Rating
I found this blow dryer to be absolutely amazing! I have relaxed shoulder length hair and let me tell you, I was kind of apprehensive because I always look for extensive reviews on products, but couldn't find anything. So I saw a lot of the major benefits of it and decided to give it a try. I used it and my hair was dry within 20 minutes when it usually takes me 40. My hair was straight and very airy and soft as well and to my surprise the dryer did not get hot on my whatsoever! I couldn't believe how silky and straight it got with really no heat. There was some warmth from the infra red glow, but that was it. I washed and blow dried my hair and 3 days later it still felt clean. Not to mention I sweated and slept and woke up and my hair was still straight. Super unheard of, I didn't even think that was possible! I can honestly say it is a HUGE investment to purchase when its no heat damage so that my hair can still be healthy, there's a lifetime guarantee warranty, and it even keeps your hair cleaner longer. Absolutely ingenious. I don't understand why this isn't more talked about. I thought about even trying out the jose eber line of flat irons, because my results were so great from the blow dryer.
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Cindy M.
Jan 3, 2013
5 Star Rating
Jose Eber Blow Dryer
The blow dryer works awesome, but both my daughter, and mine just quit working. The reset button does not sad for such a great product..
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Sep 17, 2012
5 Star Rating
Glad I Spent The Money
I too did much research before investing in this blow dryer-because frankly am usually more frugal then that. But I do really love it! It exceeded my expectations for drying time. It really was so much faster-in fact, I really needed to start with my bangs and sides, because they dried too quickly! I also felt like my hair really was softer and straighter then normal. On my 10 year olds hair, which is very thick, it didn't have that 'fried' look afterwards. For a normal day, I didn't need to flat iron either of our hair (which we usually do). Not stick straight, but good enough and super soft. It is a bit heavy and I didn't love the placement of the cool shot button, kept pushing it accidentally. Only minor complaints!
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Lorna S.
Aug 10, 2012
5 Star Rating
Not Disappointed At All!
After doing my research, I finally decided to splurge on this blow dryer. I promise you it's worth every penny!

My hair is: mid-length, layered, black hair. It's very thick and coarse and has the tendency to get dry underneath.

I bought this product with the promise of reducing drying time to 50% and promoting shiny hair. It is also microbial, which can help for any future dandruff days, which is horrible on black hair. One blog I follow also said it leaves your hair feeling as soft as it feels after being flat-ironed. It is also 1 of 3 online sites that are approved retailers on the Jose Eber website, which will honor the LIFETIME WARRANTY with product registration. (I ordered from because the Jose Eber website does not ship to Canada, and does!)

My results were amazing. I was already amazed with how dry my hair got in 3 minutes. I was able to get my hair totally dry in 5 minutes. The cold shot in the end made for super shiny hair on my thick, coarse hair. And while it did not look "flat-ironed" (I did not use a brush while blow drying, and I have lots of layers), it DID feel as soft as flat-ironed hair. I also used it on my 5 year old daughter who has long, thin black hair and her hair was blow dried in 5 minutes as well and not "fried" like I've seen in comments in other blow dryers with promised quick dry times. So I believe this tool is good for any hair type.

Side notes: It's not noisy at all, and has the nice purr that blow dryers in nice salons have. My daughter LOVED the infrared glow it gives when it's on.

Final thoughts: Why are you wasting you time thinking about it... seriously, BUY IT! You can't go wrong with a life time warranty and this place being an approved retailer where you know the warranty will be honored :)
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