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Relax and enjoy professional quality and salon-results in your home with this bonnet hair dryer.


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M T.
Aug 30, 2010
1 Star Rating
Not Soo Good
Didn't like the bowl where the head goes is way too small, my daighters head is rollers didn't fit in it.
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Feb 8, 2010
1 Star Rating
My friends and family have used hood hair dryers since forever becuase it gives the best curl to ethic hair. This is the cheapest hair dryer I have ever seen. The flimsy plastic and loud motor is not worth $40.00. The worst part is that the hood is way too small. It seems the company who made this drying never tested it. I have an average head, but I can't use the dryer with rollers in my hair. The hood is too small for my ten year old niece! Don't buy.
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Fl, Usa
Jan 17, 2010
4 Star Rating
Okay For Fine Hair And Quick Dos.
I have shoulder lenght hair and very fine, so this product served me well for a quick 30 minute dry and some body. I have only used it twice but it has done the job I wanted it for. Only has two setting low and high but I didin't feel it got too hot for me.
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New York, NY
Dec 28, 2009
1 Star Rating
This Is The Worst Hair Dryer I've Ever Used!
My old dryer broke (by falling), and I was hoping to find something better. Well, I didn't; not with this! This dryer looks and feels super cheap! It has multiple levels to where you can have dryer dry your hair; but that isn't stable; so I wasn't able to utilize all of my options. :-( The dryer only has 2 heat settings; which the high can only be used because the low is too low. And although I normally don't dry my hair all the way on high, I had to with this dryer since my head fit all the way at the bottom of the dome. No, my head cannot fit half way with a set of rollers. The air only comes from the front of the dryer. Even for deep conditioning I wouldn't recommend this because it still doesn't reach the back of my head!! I wouldn't keep this dryer if it was giving to me for free! It's pure garbage. It shouldn't even be allowed to be on the market; such a waste of time.
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Dec 15, 2009
3 Star Rating
Was Expecting Better.
This is an OKAY product, I was so happy that I would finally get to do my roller set's at home instead of going to a salon,so I couldn't wait to receive it. It finally came and I am some what dissapointed, it wroks great for deep conditions, but when I do a roller set it takes FOREVER to dry ( it usually takes 45-60 minutes to dry my hair at the salon) I stayed under it for 90 minutes and it still wasn't dry, and when it finally was my curls only lasted for 2 days max, then I was back to rolling my hair AGAIN!! (FYI, I do not put alot of products on my hair when roller setting, only leave in con and setting lotion)I would return it but I deep condition x2 weekly so sending it back and searching for another one is not an option. I will be saving my money to buy a professional one.
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Tam Foree
Oct 20, 2009
1 Star Rating
On/off Switch Won't Work After 5 Times Using It
I am really lucky that the dryer on off switch won't turn off. I just plug it in and unplug it to make it work but really, why would the on off switch stop working. I can move the switch but nothing happens. I do like the dryer other than that. I really love that it is large enough that I can use large rollers and still fit under the hood.
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Raleigh, NC, US
Sep 30, 2009
1 Star Rating
Dryer Stop Working After 2 Weeks!!!!
I would not recommend someone to buy this dryer. I had a hard time drying the back of my hair, the holes are only at the top of the i had to sit in wierd positions to get my hair dry. Not only did I have problems drying my hair it died after two weeks of having it. Thank goodness it died when it did...I sent it back...I want my money back for this piece of junk. I usually don't write reviews but I want you ladies to know the TRUTH.
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Jul 30, 2009
2 Star Rating
Nothing Special...
i bought this dryer along with some other products towards the end of may. i just used it for the first time this week(i only bought it to use with the aphogee 2 step treatment).the good thing is its works. the bad is i expected more of it. but again it works. if you can hold a hand dryer do that instead.afr-amer female. 19.
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May 1, 2009
1 Star Rating
Piece Of Crap
This dryer does not get very hot or dry very well. Hardly any air comes through it. The only spots that do get good air flow is the very front. The product does not easily adjust. Not very stable when sitting on a flat surface it still tends to drop forward. Sure it pretty silent compared to most dryers but with long hair you will be sitting under if for hours just to get dry and the back would still be wet. Save your money and get a bonnet instead.
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Feb 5, 2009
4 Star Rating
Great Deal, Tight For Huge Rollers,works Well
I have a friend that purchased one for her heat conditioning treatments and occasional roller use, I tried hers and liked it and purchased one myself. When I use my really big rollers I have to stuff my head into the hood, but it works fine. I have really long hair and find that it still takes about an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half at the highest heat setting to get the hair fully dry. I am still glad to save money by doing my hair at home. I set my hair on rollers about four times a week and also use the dryer for conditioning twice a week on high for maybe 90 minutes. So far i really like the dryer and find it pretty comfy.
4 out of 5 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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