Hot Tools Anti-Static Ionic Travel Hair Dryer

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New anti-static ionic technology increases your hair's softness and shine. Helps reduce "fly away" hair. Folding handle for travel convenience.


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Huntington Beach
Jul 28, 2014
3 Star Rating
Powerful But Too Large To Be A Travel Hair Dryer
This is actually heavier than my othe blow dryer. It is powerful and does a very good job but much too large to go into carry on luggage. Fine for at home use, but look elsewhere if you want a true travel hair dryer.
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Jun 11, 2014
4 Star Rating
Good For A Travel Dryer
I bought this dryer because of the reviews and price. I have had other travel dryers that seemed to fry my hair and this one did a lot better.

Pros: Small, light, good price, cool shot button. I have very thick hair, especially in the crown of my head and this dryer was able to sufficiently dry my hair.

Cons: Low setting barely does anything, I can only use the High setting. Cool shot works, but the air is much slower than I prefer. Wish it had different heat settings, but I know that is rare for a travel dryer.
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Shayna P.
New Glarus, Wisconsin
Mar 19, 2014
5 Star Rating
Great Dryer For The Constant Traveler!
I may use this dryer more frequently than my home dryer. I am very pleased with it's performance. I travel three weekends out of four per month for the military and for personal business....even though most lodging provides a dryer. I have THICK, LONG hair that usually takes forever to dry. This is small enough to deserve the little amount of space that it takes because of how efficiently it does the job! Great purchase that I would recommend to anyone.
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Feb 19, 2014
5 Star Rating
Great Little Travel Blower!
I bought this product for an upcoming trip to Europe this summer. I've started using it to get used to. Now it's the only one I use! It dries hair so... Fast! Love it!
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Dec 26, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Investment Yet!
dual voltage, folds, and is compact size! it dries my hair so quickly for this little guy. i'm so glad i purchased this because i travel a lot and i don't have to use a converter. perfect for anyone who travels a lot like me and the hotel blow dryer isn't strong enough.
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Sarah H.
Jul 24, 2013
4 Star Rating
Small And Lightweight
I bought this hairdryer just to use at home although it being a travel hair dryer is a plus.
I'm not a person who blow dries my hair every day. I usually blow dry my hair after I wash my hair for about 5 minutes. I never blow dry my hair until it is completely dry but instead until its damp, and then let it air dry.

So far, the blow dryer is really good - it is very power and left my hair feeling very soft. I noticed that my hair didn't look as frizzy as compared to my older hair dryer.
I think the price is amazing and the fact that it folds and is so compact is an added bonus.

It has an on/off switch for the ion technology.
A cool shot.
And speeds, LOW and HIGH.
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Ellen L.
Jun 28, 2013
1 Star Rating
Do Not Buy If You Need 250 Voltage
I purchased this blow drier for an upcoming trip to Europe. It is defective. I am unable to turn the switch that converts from 125 to 250. If you are only interested in the 125 voltage for use in the U.S., then it's a great little blow drier.
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Kathy P.
United States
Apr 22, 2013
3 Star Rating
Disappointed In Size
This hairdryer is very powerful and dries my hair quickly. But I was under the impression that it would be smaller, which was the reason I purchased it. I thought it would be more compact for travel, but it turns out that the hairdryer I already had is dual voltage and more lightweight than this one. So I will take my old hairdryer on my European trip.
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Mar 22, 2013
4 Star Rating
What A Surprise
I like to dry my hair upside down, that being said, be super careful with this hair dryer, my hair got sucked into the back of the dryer the first time i used it, that was a surprise, and didn't feel so great..
Its a very powerful dryer, i just have to watch how closely i stick it to my head.
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Nov 29, 2012
5 Star Rating
Compact Yet Powerful
Good little hairdryer...doesn't take up a of room and does a good job.
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