Helen of Troy Tangle-free Thermal Hot Air Brush

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A new concept in hot air styling tools. Features gold thermal barrel that holds heat for faster styling and drying. Removable barrel for easy cleaning.


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Central Coast, California
Nov 26, 2010
3 Star Rating
Did What It Was Supposed To Do But Left My Hair Frizzy!
I don't recommend this product if you have thin curly hair because it leaves it very frizzy! Other than that, it did what it was supposed to do.
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Anne L.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Nov 16, 2010
2 Star Rating
Did Not Perform As Anticipated
I was so disappointed with this curling tool. For one thing I was not looking for a brush drier. I just wanted an electric curling brush, without the drier function. It did not grab my hair as I thought it would, and my hair did not curl or wave with this. brush. My hair is fine and I wear it in a feathered back style. I used to own a bristle 1 1/4" barrel electric brush that swiveled as I ran it through my hair for perfect feathering. unfortunately, it wore out and I was never able to replace it with another exactly like it.
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Desiree W.
Nov 15, 2010
4 Star Rating
Helen Of Troy
Thanks for the opportunity to say how I feel about the product I purchased from you . Firstly the service was great However when I received the brush i discovered it was fitted with a plug that was not suitable to N Z standards and could not be altered and the currency was not compatible to N Z I was most upset and angry as to ship the brush out was expensive to say the least I feel it is almost ridiculous to send it back because of the cost The brush was only such a small part of the total cost . I think these things should be pointed out to the consumer. I never gave it a thought .Being elderly and not familiar with these things .I am truly disappointed , as the brush was exactly what I wanted . Perhaps there is an adaptor over there that could make it work here . Thanks. I will be all the wiser next time.?????
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Mar 1, 2010
5 Star Rating
I have used this type of airbrush for years ... whether I had my hair short, medium or long and I love it. It dries and hair and curls it however I wanted it to. My hair is shoulder length now and I don't even have to use a curling iron for touch-up areas. I had the previous one for about 2-3 years (until the motor just went poof). I couldn't locate the same type at hair retailers so I bought the one I wanted online. Another brand I tried in the interim did not the cool blue end to hold the brush and I was constantly burning my fingers. This is the best.
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Mountainair, NM
Jan 17, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Hot Air Brush!
I have had several Hot Air Brushes, this is the best. Had trouble with the bristles breaking on all the other brushes, but I don't think I will have that problem with this brush. I also like the metal barrel, it seems to makes the curl last longer.
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Las Cruces, NM
Jan 4, 2010
3 Star Rating
Great Air Brush, Poor Quality
I loved this air brush - for the 9 weeks that it worked. When it worked it made my hair smooth and and shiny without split ends. Then one morning I went to turn it on and the motor just started smoking. Talk about disappointment!
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Miami,fla Usa
Jan 3, 2010
1 Star Rating
Poor Results From This Airbrush
i was highly disappointed with the results that i got from this airbrush.The heat was rather lukewarm and i'm sure that this had a lot to do with the results from the curl. i would not recommend the appliance to anyone.
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Sep 15, 2009
2 Star Rating
Wimpy, Really Wimpy
I agree with the other reviewer re lack of power. I'm probably clumsier than average, and I find it really easy to burn myself with this thing, much more so than any other hair appliance (and I have a lot). The barrel also releases way too easily; I've got coarse frizzy hair and it can just rip that thing right off. It works the best to roll my ends under and that's about it.
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Jun 17, 2009
1 Star Rating
Tangles Galore
The curl release button DOES NOT WORK. instead your hair will just stay tangled in the brush and if you have long hair this is definitely not for you. terrible product, complete waste of money.
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Linda Wolfe
Mar 6, 2009
5 Star Rating
Excellent For Fine Hair
If you have fine hair this is the brush for you. Yes, the watts are low at 300, but its all you need for fine hair. My previous hot air brush ran so hot, I could only use it for a few seconds before it would begin to burn my head. I love this one.
10 out of 10 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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