Helen of Troy Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush

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A blow dryer and styling brush in one! Style and dry without annoying tangles! Features Soft-Grip textured handle and 8-ft. tangle-proof swivel cord.


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South Carolina
Mar 6, 2005
3 Star Rating
Cool Down Before Restarting?
Love this product except for the problem others note with it running continuously. Im on my third one - but each one, after about a month of flawless performance, begins either shutting off during use or refuses to start back up if I turn it off, then turn it back on. If I let it rest for about ten minutes, it will come back on (but what a hassle when youre rushing to get to work in the morning!). It is an irritating glitch - wish it could be fixed because I have never found a comparable product for styling long hair.
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S Goodman
Feb 17, 2005
5 Star Rating
Helen Of Troy Tangle-free Hot Air Brush
So far, this has been the best product....combo curling brush and dryer. Its much better than other brands....and I bought a second in case theres ever a problem with the first.
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Mary Musser
South Carolina
Feb 17, 2005
2 Star Rating
Hot Brush Died
I loved the hot air brush when I first got it in Augustof 2004, but it just wouldnt start up one morning inJanuary 2005. I expected it to last longer than this. So Im using my old Clairol hot air brush which is stillgoing after many years. Dont think Ill try HOT again.
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Jan 27, 2005
2 Star Rating
Stops Working After A Couple Of Minutes
I like the type of non-bristle hot air brush as it is easy on your hair, but it shuts down after a few minutes of use, even on bone dry hair that I was trying to style, not even trying to dry!! I have returned the product twice and the same thing happened with the third one. I am off to try another brand.
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El Paso, TX
Dec 18, 2004
5 Star Rating
Great Product
I agree that this is one of the best hot air brushes Ive ever used. But it does increase the static in my hair. I live in the desert - so maybe thats why.
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Jenifer Johnson
Dec 10, 2004
1 Star Rating
This product worked intermittently. Having nothing to do with the GFI. It was extremely tempermental.
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Tucson Arizona
Nov 21, 2004
5 Star Rating
Hot Air Brush
I purchased my first Hot Air Brush many years ago under the Gallery Series (from my beautician), which is now the Helen of Troy series. I enjoyed using it so much that I immediately bought my daughter-in-law one, and later introduced my sister to hers. My first brush finally wore out recently after years of hard use (the motor is still working); therefore the need to purchase a new one. I use it every day with ease and would highly recommend it to everyone.
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