FHI Nano Salon Pro 2000 Hair Dryer

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The ceramic ionic Nano Salon Pro 2000 is the must-have for every style, taking your hair from sopping wet to workable damp in just minutes. The exclusive tourmaline technology prevents static and frizz to keep hair smooth and shiny. This sleek essential is both workhorse and racehorse, boasting a high-powered yet remarkably quiet AC motor designed for 1200 hours of high-styling.


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Dec 20, 2014
5 Star Rating
4 Years Later...
I have used many other hair dryers. This one, by far, is the best. Very long cord as a plus, and one of the reasons I bought this dryer was because it has the ability to have cool blast on permanence - meaning you don't have to constantly hold down a cool button - super annoying. I have thin, fine hair. I have to be gentle with the heat, but my hair is stubborn and doesn't like to straighten or STAY straight. I have absolutely NO Use for my flat iron anymore! I straighten my bangs daily, and have damage, but it's minimal - because I use a proper heat spray and use this dryer daily on the same parts of my hair, which shockingly, I am still able to grow out my bangs without difficulty. I also LOVE using the diffuser attachment on this as my hair is naturally very wavy/curly. I've had very short hair, and medium to longer, and in between and the diffuser attachment has been awesome, as well as the direction nozzle. I originally purchased this dryer because a well known curly on NC.com recommended it. I was hesitant, but man am I glad I took the risk!

I have had this dryer in three different climates ranging from moderately humid to minimal humidity, and this dryer has served me incredibly well in all climates. This keeps my hair smooth, shiny, and straight if I want it straight but gives me lots of body and volume if I work the dryer the right way. This is something that other dryers have failed at. This dryer also has a great range of heat capacities - can be used really hot, or the cool button, and the fan to blow the air out is really strong.

I am also VERY hard on my equipment. I've dropped this, gotten it wet, pieces have broken off, etc., and this dryer somehow still works through all the abuse I've put it through. I've had this product for close to four years now, and it's still going strong. There may be dryers with more reviews, that look prettier, but I will repurchase this one if it becomes defective.
Mar 9, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Dryer I've Ever Used!
I've been using this dryer for a couple weeks now and I am really happy with it!

I have naturally curly/wavy hair, so I was looking for a dryer with both a diffuser and a concentrator so that I could achieve both wavy and straight looks. Also I was looking for multiple speed/heat settings so that I could style both looks.

When blowing my hair out straight, I use the concentrator on high speed, high heat. I'm done quicker than it used to take with my last dryer, which I purchased at a beauty supply store. ALSO it seems quieter. The results are great! My hair is very shiny with no frizz. It only requires a few pass throughs with the flat iron afterwards - much less as compared to my last dryer. I suspect that if my hair was slightly less naturally wavy, no flat iron would be required. However, your hair really does get very hot, so take care.

When using the diffuser on my natural waves, the results are also really great and my hair is left very shiny. I use low speed but high heat and I'm done in minutes. Previously, I was using a more bowl-shaped diffuser so I was concerned that the flat shape of this one would not encourage the curls in the same way. I was wrong! It's great; it does not blow the curls all over the place. It's also nice that the cool shot button doesn't require you to hold it down.

The cord is plenty long, and I don't find the dryer to be too heavy. All-in-all, I am really happy with it. It really does yield different, BETTER, results than you would get from a drugstore or beauty supply store dryer. I think it's worth the investment - great results and time savings!
Jan 3, 2012
5 Star Rating
This dryer creates beautiful smooth hair in just a few minutes. I have really thick hair which normally take an hour to blow dry. With this dryer, it took 15 minutes and the results were amazing and my hair was soft and smooth. I recommend this dryer for anyone who wants to salon results at home.
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Karen B.
Aug 29, 2011
1 Star Rating
Don't Buy This Hairdryer
I bought this hairdryer based on all the reviews. My warranty just expired and the hair dryer stopped working. I just called FHI and they want 60 dollars to look at it. I am really unhappy with their service considering the price for this dryer. Save your money. I bought a T3 bespoke and that still works after 5 years. I only upgraded because of the reviews. DO MORE RESEARCH and don't buy this one.
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Barbara T.
Jul 29, 2011
2 Star Rating
2nd Return - Not Worth The Money Or The Inconvenience!
This hairdryer works well when it works - however, I just received the replacement for the 1st one I ordered that only worked for 3 days before it had no heat and this one has only worked 3 times and now has no heat.
Folica honors their guarantee, but the inconvenience of returning, waiting without a hairdryer, and then receiving another one that doesn't work just isn't worth it.
Unfortunately I will have to purchase a hairdryer locally. At least if I have a problem I won't be without one for two weeks at a time.
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Jul 8, 2011
2 Star Rating
Have To Keep Returning It
This is my second FHI pro 2000 I have to return 1 already because the heat stops working after 2 or 3 uses. I have to return the 2nd one again because it just stopped working. I guess this is what I get for spending so much money on a hairdryer. While the thing blows hot it works very well.

Thank goodness Folica honors their guarantee!
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Cherise T.
Jul 7, 2011
5 Star Rating
The Best Hair Dyer For Everyone Hair!
This is my favorite hair dyer!!!! I will never go back to any other dyer. Its great for natural hair, relax hair or any kind of hair. Great purchase!!
Feb 21, 2011
5 Star Rating
Beautiful Performance!
I have thin, fine wavy-curly hair that is hard to straighten, and easy to damage. I was looking for a dryer that would decrease my damage and be healthier on my hair, came with a diffuser, had a cool shot button I didn't have to constantly hold down, and that worked well with curly hair for diffusing but could straighten really good as well.

This dryer is really high powered- I have no idea what the previous reviewer was talking about when they said it doesn't get hot enough. It really does take less time to dry. I love the fact that this dryer has a cool shot button that you do not need to constantly press to get cool air- there is also an option next to the warm and hot settings to have it be on cool air despite also having a cool shot button all you have to do is click- which is extremely hard to find in dryers, even professional ones. Definitely quieter than a drug store dryer, and quieter than any other professional dryer that's been used on me in the past at salons (like babyliss, salano, rusk speed freak, etc).

I have used three settings for straightening to see what works best- hot/high speed, hot/low speed, warm/high speed, and warm/low speed- and I am shocked! Because with the warm heat setting on low power, my hair was straighter with blow drying than any other time I've been to the salon and they did it on high heat and high speed! It felt much less fried that usual, and I had no triangle frizzy mess after blow drying- I could have walked out the door with that hair it was so straight, shiny, soft, and flowy! The high heat settings work great as well, but I think being able to get away with the lower heat over all would be less damaging. This is coming from someone who's ALWAYS had to use the highest heat and power setting to get results. Other professional dryers have not been able to achieve this feat- so I definitely place this dryer at the top of the list for effective dryers!

For curly styling, the diffuser bowl works great- the placement of the holes as well as the power of the machine allow for great curls, but won't blow your hair around and cause needless frizz that can happen with diffusers that have too many holes or holes that are too big. Still a fast drying time. My wurls are left shinier than usual- so I know it's the blow dryer, not the products.

Over all, I really feel this was worth the price. I wasn't going to go for a dryer in this price range, but after several curlies recommending this and sick of frying my hair I'm trying to grow out desperately with a cheapo drug store dryer and not being convinced my stylists' dryers would be any better, I'm really glad I went with this beautiful machine. And what's amazing, is my hair LOOKS and FEELS healthier using this machine.

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Birmingham, AL
Feb 9, 2011
4 Star Rating
All That It Promises
This was my first salon quality hairdryer. I choose the FHI because it was the same one they use at my salon. It definitely cuts my drying time in half and reduces frizz. My hair is smooth and soft after using it - my husband even commented that it looked really great, which is saying a lot. The only issues I have run into with this dryer are that it's very powerful and can cause some slight tangling - however this is not a deal breaker for me. Also, the cord is very long and I need to work on stretching it out because the dryer will cut off from time to time when it gets tangled. Other than that, I am very pleased with the product and feel like it was worth the money. I highly recommend investing in a nice dryer to protect your hair.
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Tiffany R.
North Carolina
Jan 13, 2011
5 Star Rating
I Love It!!!
I bought this dryer about 3 yrs ago at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta. And it still works as well as it did the first day I used it. It gives my clients hair a beautiful shine and it cuts my drying time in half. Even the coursest hair blow drys soft, shiny, and very managable. And it gives body to my clients with fine hair. I absolutely love this dryer. It was a wonderful investment.
4 out of 4 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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