DevaCurl Dryer and DevaFuser

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Never flip your head over to dry those curls again. The DevaSun Dryer combined with the DevaFuser produces 6 times more negative ions than any other negative ion dryer in the world.


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Dec 2, 2010
4 Star Rating
Great Diffuser
I just bought the Deva Fuser which comes with an adapter that fits tightly on my almost new Bio Ionic Whisper Light dryer. I am very happy with the Bio Ionic & its diffuser (which has "fingers" with air holes on two sides) because the temps are lower, it is very light weight and dries my hair in 10 minutes. But I was amazed at how much more defined and soft my curls became using the Deva Fuser. There is a learning curve for it but I got a lot more lift in the crown and the front of my hair using this diffuser. I do not have the Deva Sun Dryer.
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New York, N.Y.
Aug 24, 2009
1 Star Rating
Very Expensive For Nothing Special
What a disappointment this dryer was! Thankfully I got it as a gift. The hand shaped diffuser attachment is awful and feels like big clumsy fingers trying to style your delicate curls! I ended up taking off the attachments and giving the dryer to my teen boys to use to dry their hair. Dont waste your money!
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Feb 17, 2009
2 Star Rating
I've Owned It For A Year And It's Just, "ok"
I have the X5 Superlite as well as the X3 and those two do a way better job of drying than this does.
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Apr 15, 2008
1 Star Rating
Loved It, But Fried Out In Less Than A Year
and Devachan didnt make good on the warranty, even though I bought it in the salon. Wont buy another.
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Jun 7, 2007
5 Star Rating
Very Cool Dryer For Curly Hair
Although this hand-shaped diffuser looks weird, it makes drying curls so much easier. You dont have to flip your head over anymore to get that volume. It does not speed up the drying process unfortunately but it does not dry out your curls and definitely makes hair shinier - my coworker even commented on how shiny my hair was after the first time I used it!
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