Curly Top Diffuser Hair Dryer

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Super Savings on this Clearance item! The Curly Top Diffuser hair dryer is ideal for creating volume and body. For all hair types and gentle enough for everyday use on permed or processed hair. This dryer gently dries hair without straightening or frizzing.


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Debbie Porter
Jul 13, 2009
5 Star Rating
This Hair Dryer Is The Best
I have naturally wave/curly hair and this dryer doesnt make my hair frizz out like the others Ive used with a diffuser attached. I love how beautiful my natural curls look when I use this dryer. I used to use a defrizzer but now all I use is my mousse and this dryer. This is such an awesome deal for $9.99, I would definitely buy one of these today!!
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Sandra Piechotte
Milwaukee, WI
Jul 4, 2009
5 Star Rating
What A Product
I purchased three (3) Curly Top Diffuser hair dryers in the early 80s (Model CT-1-467). They dont even look like this one shown. For several years I only used one of them, but then I began traveling and stuck one in my suitcase (1990)for overnight trips, In 1996 we bought a summer home and I left one there to use on weekends. Now I am back home, using just one, the other two packed away for when I may need them, but the one I am using is the one I first opened back in 1982 (I think) and it is still going strong. Use it almost every day and have NO problems with it..we are talking TWENTY SEVEN or more.
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