Cricket Q-Zone Professional Dryer

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Cricket Centrix Q-Zone Dryer offers Insanely Quiet technology greatly reduces salon noise pollution.


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Seattle, WA
May 10, 2014
3 Star Rating
Not All That
Bought this, the most expensive hair dryer I've ever owned, in Nov. 2011. It has recently stopped producing heat. I dropped it once, which may be what broke it, but I would expect sturdier for professional grade. It is quiet. It did a decent job drying my hair, but I didn't think it was especially fast, powerful, or made my color-treated normal to fine hair smooth or free of frizz. Will be looking for something else this time around.
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Kymq Y.
Oct 5, 2013
5 Star Rating
Great Dryer
great dryer
Meaghan D.
Littleton, Colorado
Mar 9, 2013
1 Star Rating
Dissapointed In Denver
I was super excited when I saw this dryer at the Salon Centrix hair show here in Denver last September. However almost immediatly my dryer started to make this ratteling noise that it is still making. I can live with that but what I can no longer handle is the fact that my dryer has a mind of its own! It goes from warm (never quite gets HOT) to cold while I am attempting to dry my clients hair. It takes FOREVER and I can not take it any longer. After seeing the other terrible reviews of this product, I will not be accepting a replacement but demanding a refund! It is now March so I have had it for 6 months and I had hoped to have it for the next 6 years at least!

Do NOT waste your money on this product - I guess they should stick to what they do best and that is making great shears!
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Tony D.
Mar 4, 2013
1 Star Rating
Salon Owner
the dryer is ok good make sure you get the turbo attactment that goes on the front of the dryer but the big problem is the motor will start rattling soon after use and it is always after the warranty
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Jun 21, 2012
1 Star Rating
Worst Ever
I sent this hairdryer back 3 times also, and each time i received a new one that one also broke. i did like the dryer, it had enough power for what i needed, but if it don"t work that is not a factor. don't buy this dryer, save your money
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United States
May 29, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Dryer You Will Ever Own
Had this dryer for two weeks now and I love it. Had a T3 for five years and it died on me one morning so started the hunt for a new one. After much research and chatting with my stylist I decided to send for the Cricket Q zone. It also helped my decision when I got the straightener free, I love a bargain! Well this dryer is far superior to the T3 and i really thought they were the best, but no the Cricket is fantastic. I can actually dry my hair and really there is no need to straighten afterwards. The cricket dryes it straight and WITHOUT frizz, yea!!!!! it does not blow my hair all over even on the fast speed, I can keep control of my hair around the brush. It does not burn my head which is a huge plus for me and my hair does not smell like it is burning. It is a little heavier than the T3 but not enough to put me off it. I give it a 10/10, it was well worth the money and I enjoy using it. It is pretty quiet also. I really think this dryer is a good investment for anyone out there who is thinking of purchasing a new professional dryer.
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New York
May 23, 2012
1 Star Rating
Worst Dryer Ever
This is seriously the worst hair dryer I've ever used. A complete waste of money and total disappointment. Sure, it's quiet...but ineffective. Impossible to dry my wavy hair straight because this thing only gets warm, not hot. It has no power whatsoever (which I should've realized given the wattage). It takes at least 3x's longer to dry my hair than ever before, and it turns out as a poufy mess. Unless you have naturally smooth, straight, fine hair, do not buy this piece of garbage.
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Southern Maine
Apr 2, 2012
5 Star Rating
I finally decided to splurge on a new hair dryer. My old one was so loud I had to wear ear plugs. I couldn't stand it anymore. This was on high you can have a normal conversation. It's worth every cent I paid for it.
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San Francisco
Mar 30, 2012
3 Star Rating
Super Quiet, Low Wattage
I like this blow dryer but I don't love it. For price, I was hoping for love. It doesn't have the raw power and heat of my Babyliss pro ("salon power") but it does have two distinct advantages. It is very quiet, as advertised, and it does't blow the fuse in my hundred and five year old house every time I turn it on. It's also very light, despite a larger form factor, so it's easy to handle. For these reasons, it's a keeper. I have relatively thin, fine hair. It takes the same amount of time to blow dry as the Babyliss, so it's possible that the Cricket Q-Zone just seems timid but is secretly a powerhouse.
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Laura W.
Jan 13, 2012
1 Star Rating
All Three Were Defective
We bought this and it had a strange rattle when used on the low speed. It was very quiet but is sounded like it was not good quality and I questioned how long it should last. It was the kind of rattle/noise that shouldn't be there. We sent it back twice and the 2nd was the same, so was the 3rd. The 3rd one was ordered from the company directly. In fact, it is obvious that many people are sending it back for this reason. The 3rd one we rec'd was obviously used and one that was sent back. It had a some light scuff marks on it and part of the cardboard packaging had been torn. The cord was also obviously re-folded and put back in the plastic. We knew before we turned it on that it would be defective. Don't waste your money. For that price I expect to get something that has a perfectly working motor.
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