Cricket Q-Zone Professional Dryer

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Cricket Centrix Q-Zone Dryer offers Insanely Quiet technology greatly reduces salon noise pollution.


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Apr 19, 2011
2 Star Rating
Too Bulky And Heavy
I ordered this Cricket dryer based on the rave reviews, but when I used it, I found it twice as heavy and double the size of my current dryer. The motor compartment is so big that when I dried the back of my hair, I kept hitting my head with the motor housing. I disliked it so much I sent it back to Folica.
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S P.
Dec 25, 2010
5 Star Rating
Awesome Hari Dryer!!
I've been using my Q-zone for a few weeks now and I am very satisfied with this product!

SUPER QUIET! Especially compared to my old department store dryer! Definitely stands up to it's name :)
Dries hair quickly--less than half time compared to old dryer
Air flow is controlled, yet powerful--doesn't feel like I'm in a wind tunner at highest setting
Great lint/dust grill design--easy to clean
Doesn't overheat or have problems with a hot motor (no weird burn smells)
Solid dryer--weight is evenly distributed and has good ergonomics.

Slight 'new dryer' smell while drying--hopefully will dissipate over time; but even so, it's a minor issue but thought I should mention it
Odd shape--not easy to pack for trips or for small storage areas (hint hint... travel size Q-Zone dryer, please, Cricket??)
*The price--seriously, $100+ for any hair device is outrageous in my opinion... but alas--worth the price!

My favorite thing besides the quiet factor, is that my hair not only dries quickly, but that hair looks GREAT after drying. No additional brushing or styling necessary if in a hurry. I used to hate the chore of drying my hair after showering, but drying time has been reduced from 20+ minutes to less than 10 min!! With additional styling/products, I can get awesome looking hair in 15 min TOTAL--this ROCKS!! I have THICK, COURSE, LONG asian hair that typically looked like a tangled, brittle mess after drying with my old dryer, but with the Q-Zone--I swear my hair lays perfectly and feels silkier after drying. I've received many compliments about my hair recently, too. Whether due to the results of Q-Zone's mad skillz at drying or whether I've just had a strong run of good hair days has yet to be determined. My bet is on my cool new dryer! ;)
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Dec 5, 2010
5 Star Rating
Perfect For Fine Hair, Not Too Powerful!
So this dryer was the 5th one I ordered from Folica. All the other ones claimed low wattage, however when I tried them all, they blew way too hard and left my fine, shoulder length hair in a tangled mess. I decided to order one more dryer to try and I'm glad I did! This one is amazing! On the low setting it's perfect for fine hair. It dries well, makes hair super smooth, don't even need a flat iron after drying!! It's amazing! This one is 1500 watts, the others I tried were Solia, turbo power (red one), sedu 4000i, solano original, and Chi red one-- actually this one would have worked well also, but I liked this Cricket one better. All the ones I listed are lower wattage (1300-1800) but all blew very forceful except the Chi. Definitely recommend this Cricket for anyone. VERY quiet also!
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Oct 26, 2010
5 Star Rating
Very Impressed!
Wonderful! It's not silent, that's impossible, but it is about a 1/4 of the noise of my Conair that I loved and at a much more appealing pitch than most other dryers. I bought this at the request of the boyfriend that I used to rudely wake up every morning when I turned my blowdryer on and this one doesn't wake him up at all. Well worth the money.
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Jun 24, 2010
5 Star Rating
Finally A Quiet Hairdryer!
Ive been looking for a 'quiet' dryer for a long time. I did extensive online research before buying and I could not be happier. This dryer is AWESOME. The sound is so much quieter than any others. The HIGH setting sounds like most professional dryers lowest setting. I can finally dry my hair in peace & quiet. If you have a boyfriend, husband, and/or children who you dont want to bother & wake up in the morning, this is the dryer!! It also drys fantastic, doesnt burn my scalp, and makes my fine wavy hair frizz free which is important since I live in a such humid climate.
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Apr 20, 2010
5 Star Rating
Cricket Q-zone Dryer
I have been looking for a good quality, QUIET hair dryer and the Cricket Q-Zone Dryer delivers! It must be a fourth of the sound of a regular dryer - really great - I love it! Also leaves my hair feeling silky, smooth and static-free.
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Wethersfield, CT USA
Feb 9, 2010
5 Star Rating
Love It
This hair dryer is great. I have never spent much on a hairdryer before so I was a bit hesitant but did some on-line research along with speaking to my hair dresser & realized it could make quite a difference. I read about this dryer in my Redbook magazine & they rated it highly based on its abilities and that it was much less noisy than most models. I agree with their recommendation 100%! My hair dries quickly with this dryer, is smooth with no frizz & the low volume is a nice feature- I definitely recommend it.
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