Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

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Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer is great for hot conditioning and roller sets.


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May 25, 2013
1 Star Rating
Conair Hooded Hair Dryer
This dryer is not good. Total waste of my money. I purchased one which broke, then I purchased another and the hood torn. I tried to fix with masking tape, to no avail. Please do not purchase.
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Diana L.
Pensacola FL
Apr 16, 2013
2 Star Rating
Cheaply Made
This hairdryer is very cheaply made. The hose doesn't retract once expanded and the hose does not lock tightly to the hood and keeps coming apart. I have always used Conair products but this isn't what I expected.
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Melanie S.
Feb 2, 2013
4 Star Rating
Rocking The 60's!
The hose can extend up to 4 feet so you can place the dryer on the counter and still easily reach your head without having to sit or lean over. I put it on to do a simple light dry and was able to multi-task and put my make up on while my hair was drying. Felt like I was at a spa! It works great with the hose as well and the brush attachment to finish up your hair to dry it and help to straighten. My advice is to make sure your ears are on the outside of the bonnet when you dry your hair, they get mighty hot otherwise! I am excited to get some soft rollers to try this out with. I have very long hair and to curl it takes a mighty long time. If this works good with the rollers I can get the rollers in and just finish it off with the heat before I head out the door. For $29.99 I found this to be a good product. Conair is well known for it's drying products so the name held up in this product. Easy to use, easy to store and a very useful product to have around!
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Sharon Q.
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Oct 15, 2012
1 Star Rating
Conair Bonnet Hair Dryer
This dryer is not a good dryer at all. It is either burning hot or cold. I will never buy another one. If anyone has a Sunbeam bonnet dryer let me know I WILL BUY IT. I will never buy another Conair. My clients hate it.
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Mar 1, 2012
5 Star Rating
Hair Dryer That Dries Hair Without Being Close To The Heating Element...
After many years of blowing dry my hair with dryers with brush attachments I began to worry about the exposure to the electromagnetic fields. My daughter who is 23 has been using the same kind of dryer also for years. I recently developed a growth in my neck and began to be concerned for my daughter using all these electronics on her hair a few inches away from her head and neck. So I ordered this dryer and it is fantastic. Only the hot hair is near the head. I feel much better about her using it. Plus it works beautifully!
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Oct 12, 2011
2 Star Rating
This dryer does not deliver evenheat thruout the head. Even after 39 minutes on the highest settimg half my hair was dry. the other half was still damp. Furthermore, the picture shows two attachments mine only bought 1. Never again.!
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Jaleh H.
Jul 3, 2011
5 Star Rating
Help Me To Color My Hair At Home And Condition It, I Need The Soft Hat
I have soft bonnet hair dryer model 1051v2, I love it , but I need a new hat and I know this made it so eazy for me I love it -I love it and love it. Thank you.
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Mar 28, 2011
4 Star Rating
Practice Makes Perfect?
I recently purchased the conair soft bonnet, i have only used it 2 times so far, but the second result was definitely better than the first! i have fine limp hair that holds for an hour and goes flat, sets are my only "all day" option. if it doesnt work the first time adjust your temperature around while your setting, 1 minute high then 5 minutes on medium, and so on finishing with a cool setting of ten minutes.
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Mary S.
Mar 16, 2011
4 Star Rating
Like It
Really like it, my mom loves it lightweight and dries her hair fast, has different levels of heat settings, lightweight, and allows for movement while drying, Opening a little too small to put all attachments in but all in all good dryer.
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Sharon Q.
Jan 29, 2011
1 Star Rating
Too Hot
My clients just hate this dryer. It is so hot they are afraid it is going to burn their heads. And that isn't even on the highest setting. The hose is so hot you can't even touch it, I am looking for another that does not get so hot. One of my clients has an old Lady Sunbeam we are using for her because it doesn't get so burning hot. All my clients say it is to hot, It is a Conair, If any one knows of one that doesnt get burning hot please let me know, I have sent one dryer back to the company and they sent me one just like the one I sent them. I have looked on the web for a Lady Sunbeam and it looks like they don't make them anymore,
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