Brazilian Heat Dryer

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Brazilian Heat Dryer a revolutionary hot and sexy dryer for the passionate stylist.


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San Diego,Ca
Jun 10, 2012
5 Star Rating
Student Stylists In Love
I have long curly color treated hair, i purchased this blowdryer about a year before starting my current cosmetology program. i usually wear my hair with its natural curl but purchased this dryer for when i decided to straighten it. I loved it because of the weight and seeing it was 1600 watts i figured i would try it, as i began my cosmetology program i began to use it more, and fell even DEEPER IN LOVE with it. As a result of my quicker blow dry time and smoother styles 3 of my current classmates have also purchased this blow dryer and LOVE it for all thier clients. 5 starts all the way!
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Mar 31, 2012
4 Star Rating
"great Hair Dryer"
I had an old revlon hairdryer and it work good until it burned out so i send it in and got 40 $ of a new one so i choose these hair dryer and it works great. I have thin hair so it always has frizz and this blowdryer doesn't not frizz up my hair like my other one. It also verly conviniant because it let me controls the tempperture and it aslo has a diffuser that helps create a relaxed hair style.
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Feb 25, 2011
5 Star Rating
Excellent 4 Stylist
This is one of the lightest weighting blow dyer ever!!! Its like your not holding anything in your hands!! It doesnt tirer your arm or shoulder out!! It drys the hair quickly and its super hot even though it doesnt say the wattage any where on the box hummmm....
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Mar 29, 2010
5 Star Rating
Love It!
My old blow dryer gave out a few weeks ago so I decided to raplace it with this one - I absolutely love it! It dries really fast, but my hair still feels really healthy. It's a little expensive for me, but so far it's been worth it!
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