BabylissPro Italia Brava Luxury Hair Dryer

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BabylissPro Italia Brava Luxury Hair Dryer is the latest in hair dryer brushless technology. This hair dryer has a 2,000 watt Ferrari designed engine to deliver 10,000 hours of life, faster speed for faster drying. The Brava is designed with nano titanium and ionic technology to leave hair smooth and minimize damage. Italian designed, Italian made


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Aug 20, 2014
2 Star Rating
Not Impressed At All
I got to try this in salon with the Babyliss Pro Artist team. I was really not impressed. As a huge fan of my super solano, I'm used to a heavy dryer. This was bulky and head- hard to hold especially while holding brushes, too. Soooo loud.. And I'm used to loud.. This was TURBO loud!!! The turbo button is very unnecessary- there is no need for air to come out that fast and at that speed.
Not worth the money or disappointment.. Ferrari should stick to autos.
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