Cricket Carbon Combs C50 Fine Toothed Rattail Comb

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Cricket Carbon Combs C50 Fine Toothed Rattail Comb provides proper tension for a variety of styling techniques and is perfect for teasing and backcombing.


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Rene W.
Hot Humid South
Jul 2, 2013
5 Star Rating
Very Affordable Little Gem Of A Comb!
I bought this comb because I was purchasing a Marcel curling iron. When I was trying to decide whether to buy the Marcel, I popped into Ulta and had one of the stylists demonstrate the Marcel and let me practice handling it to see if I thought I could do it. He was using a carbon comb to separate sections and smooth out the hair. It looked just like this one. He said the carbon comb would not melt if it got hot. So, when I bought the Marcel curling iron, I picked up this comb to go along with it. I really like this comb a lot. I use it even when I'm not using the Marcel curling iron.

It's great at getting product distributed throughout my hair, and it is good at smoothing my hair after styling. I might need to pick up a couple more of these VERY affordable little gems.
Apr 16, 2012
3 Star Rating
i have a question is the "Cricket Carbon Combs C50 Fine Toothed Rattail Comb" a really great hair teasing comb???...because i am just looking for a not EXPENSIVE but a GREAT teasing comb...please let me know anyone who uses this type of comb!!!(:

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