The Original Melting Pot Wax Warmer

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
The Melting Pot Wax Warmer is a professional warmer with carrying handle and locking cover. It is thermostatically controlled for all types of depilatory product including sugars.


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Jesse D.
Nov 1, 2012
1 Star Rating
Terrible Design
I work in a busy salon and I do an enormous amount of waxing, the design of this wax pot makes for difficult cleanup. I am trying to clean the wax that collects in the grooves with a knife, a bamboo skewer anything to get this clean. It is obvious that whoever designed this doesn't do 8 hours of waxing everyday with the residual cleanup that is impossible. I like a surface that is easy to clean. I am on the hunt for a new warmer for my soft wax. I would NEVER use this again.
Donna L.
United States
Jun 5, 2012
5 Star Rating
The Wax Queen's Melting Pot Wax Warmer
Love this!
You will need to buy two of these babies, one for your soft wax the other for your hard wax and worth every penny. Great design and very eye pleasing, The warmer goes into stealth mode when it reaches the desired temperature that you select so your wax is perfect all day. My Berins wax lives at 4 1/2 all day long. Buy it at Folica b/c they have the best prices. I found this $30 more at other websites. The shipping is freaky fast! Plus Folica always has a super sale going on or coupons you can use toward your purchase.
It's a no brainer, buy 2 today and wax yourself happy. Tell your hairy friends.
Ana B.
Feb 28, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great Pot - Quick Heating
I want to tell you that this wax warmer has been an excellent addition. Can't believe I waited this long to wax on my own at home. It has more than paid off between my family of 6.

I purchased this warmer to use a wax that Folica does not carry -- Adam and Eve Lust Beads hard wax for the Bikini area and eyebrows. These are simar to the Cirepil but I like Adam and Eve better. The wax melted in less than 20 minutes and the temperature was excellent because it did not heat the wax too much.

Someone asked the question regarding if this pot was good for the Cirepil and yet it is if you purchase the tin cans to melt the wax in.

If you would like to wax at home and are using the Cirepil or Adam & Eve Lust, I would definitely recommend buying this product. It is excellent.
Silver Spring, MD
Nov 5, 2010
5 Star Rating
I Love It!!!
I love it! Especially the metal handle to put the wax in before putting into the machine so you don't worry about burning yourself. It doesn't come with the cardboard rings that is used so it doesn't mess up the machine and highly recommend buying those before using it.
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Arlington, VA
Feb 9, 2010
5 Star Rating
Melting Pot
I'm not a professional by far but this pot is a really good wax warmer. I bought a hard wax to use and I like the two separate settings on this pot. One side is for heating sugar based wax and the other is for a hard wax. It heats very well. The only drawback I could see is that it doesn't come with the cardboard rings to place around the top to catch any excess wax that may come over the sides. You can either buy them elsewhere or just be really careful. Enjoy...if that's possible while waxing! :)
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Judyz @ Cottage Facials
Bend, Oregon
Nov 15, 2007
5 Star Rating
This Is The Best Pot I've Ever Used!
I love this wax pot, as well as the smaller La Grande pot by the same company. The feature which I love the most is the precise thermostat setting it provides. For many of the new waxes, they are very temperature sensitive. These pots allow you to get precisely the temperature you want for your particular wax and application. I also love the clean lines of the wax pot. It looks good in your shop, and is easy to clean. Its the only one I want!
5 out of 5 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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