Gigi Wax Warmer 8oz. and 14 oz.

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The GiGi Wax Warmer is a multi-purpose warmer that accommodates most wax containers and warms all wax formulas.


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Maria R.
Nov 16, 2014
4 Star Rating
Wax Popped And Shot Upward!
Recently after warming my wax I heard a popping sound and realized the wax had shot upward and splattered all over everything! Never had this happen before, sure hated trying to clean up the mess off bathroom counter and mirror.Anyone know why this happened.Any advice would be appreciated.
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Carrie H.
Feb 6, 2013
5 Star Rating
Love It!
I have used this waxing warmer for about 9 months now and I love it. I use the Brazilian Hard Wax. I use it on my face. I am caucasion with dark hair. I have always had dark chin hairs and upper lip hair and this wax works well to get rid of all the hair. I also have sideburns that I like to remove. I am slightly red afterwards, so I like to wax with this at night so that the redness goes away by morning. If I wax during the daytime, I take some tums (reduces redness) about 30 min ahead of time and I use concealer.

It does take a little bit (Maybe 30 min) to completely melt the wax. I have found that after 10-15 min, I can use the wax on the outer sides of the container to wax and it works just fine. I only have small areas to wax on my face, so I dont need the entire wax pot to melt.
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Sarah M.
Jul 13, 2012
5 Star Rating
Amazing Machine
I have spent hundreds of dollars at the salon and I just became so tired of it. I bought this machine and its a life saver. It can be a little messy at first (bc its wax and I was a novice) but every time you put more on, you get better. Practice all over your body at first, like an artists canvas and you will soon be waxing like a pro. NEVER was against the hair growth. It makes everything stick together. Also, keep both your house and cell phone nearby so you don't have to get up in the middle. Place a towel down underneath you to protect the floor. Good luck!
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Mar 12, 2011
2 Star Rating
A Disappointment
I have been waxing with honey wax for many years and in the past just heated directly on stove at very low temperature. But its messy so decided to try this wax warmer and wa very unhappy with it. It takes a very long time to melt the wax and never seems to reach the ideal temperature. I am returning it.
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Oct 21, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Investment!
I can't believe I'm the first to review this!!! I've owned this puppy since I was 13 and started waxing....I'm 22 now and it's still going strong! I'm not a professional by any means but I can tell you one thing - I've tried just about every hair removal method out there. Except laser of course.
I'm Caucasian with dark hair (I'm European - Spanish/Portuguese I was practically BORN with lots of hair) so after shaving and getting tired of that whole mess, along with creams. I decided to start waxing. At home kits loose their heat and the wax hardens which makes the whole process long and more painful than it has to be.
If you're looking into at home waxing for the long term GET A WAX WARMER. It will save you time AND money. You can wax at home for a FRACTION of the cost that a salon/spa would cost you. Look at this one - it has lasted me almost a decade and it STILL is going strong. I've never had an issue with it I'm happy to say.
Use one or two sheets of aluminum foil in-between the warmer and the container of wax.It will keep your warmer cleaner and save you SO much clean up. Come on - it's wax after all! It's messy if you let it be.
Also, FYI all of Gigi's products are great. From the wax to the wax removers. I recommend the wax remover for the skin, the cooling gel, and the wax remover for surfaces.
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