Andis Power Trim Plus Clipper

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The Andis Power Trim + Clipper/Trimmer cord/cordless unit carries enough charge for one full hour of heavy-duty use.


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Dec 31, 2011
5 Star Rating
They Are Perfect!
I'm a barber and they work wonders and give a clean cut. At first when I charged them they didn't work, but that was because the blade wasn't on correctly. For the clipper to work adequately you must make sure the blade is on correctly. They are very easy to maneuver.
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Charlotte, NC
Jun 3, 2011
5 Star Rating
Great For A Hairstylist
I'm a hairstylist, not a barber so I only use trimmers a few times a day. But These trimmers give a very clean and smooth trim, the battery runs for a long time. I took it off the charger for 4 days and it was still charged. I have a small station so the charger port is a little big and bulky and it's not very heavy so I get nervous that it's going to fall off one day, other than that...I think it's perfect.
It came with a clipper head with guards too and a tube of oil.
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Ling2 C.
United States
Apr 18, 2011
3 Star Rating
It's Ok
It's beauty,but not my love.
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Seattle, WA, USA
Feb 9, 2010
2 Star Rating
This clipper head doesn't stay aligned, grabs hair and pulls. It is an uncomfortable experience for the client.
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Apr 26, 2008
5 Star Rating
Great Product
very good product, has met all my needs so far, easy to use, recharges with ease, i loved that it was cordless and you can recharge it like you would a phone, just place it on the stand. overall, i would recommend it to anyone, easy to use and understand.
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Line Savoie
Dieppe, NB
Jan 31, 2008
1 Star Rating
No Working Already After 1 Month
after being charge for a night, the day after trimmer was not working anymore... poor quality
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