Spornette 964-XL Double Stranded Nylon Round Brush

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Spornette 964-XL Double Stranded Nylon Round Brush features permanent ball-tipped, non-snarl, tangle-free bristles.


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White Plains, New York
May 4, 2016
5 Star Rating
Been Using This Brush For 20 Years.........
I have medium length, wavy hair and I have been using this brush for 20 years after a hairdresser turned me on to it.
It is the only brush that my hair responds to. Fortunately, I found it at Folica after searching beauty supply places everywhere....
Geri F.
Dec 28, 2015
5 Star Rating
The Best Brush I Ever Owned
I ordered these brushes to give to my family and friends for Christmas because I love mine so much. This brush is very light, and it clings to my curly, frizzy hair in such a way that I can blow dry it easily and quickly. My hair dries smooth because the dryer doesn't blow any of my hair off the brush and all over the place.
La La Land
Jul 22, 2014
1 Star Rating
Not For Long Extremely Fine & Tangly Hair!
During a move I lost the very first expensive gift a boy ever gave me (besides the kid in kindergarten who used to give me his mother's jewelry, including her wedding ring)! It was a custom made boar's hair round brush :(. I was devastated. It gave 30+ years of good service & although worn looking it was in great shape. Well, you know how it goes, find a house, fall in love with it & only after the deal is sealed & you move in you find out that you actually bought the money pit, right? That was where I was at. My only other round brush was a mediocre 2" round that head would sometimes come off the handle. Couldn't rationalize spending almost $200 for a brush of similar quality or even half that. Not when there was so much work to be done. Even $50... just couldn't do it at the moment. Was extremely delighted when I came across the Spornette 964-XL & all the rave reviews. Saw it on another site for triple the price at Folica & almost ordered immediately. Just so happened Folica had a sale & I was able to nab this baby for next to nothing. Thanks Folica for your great deals!

Was counting the seconds until the brush arrived. I knew by the previous reviews that this wouldn't be anything to look at, but who cares as long as it handles well & makes your hair look great. Not so much for me. I've had the brush for less than a week and used it 3, maybe 4 times & the brush looks like it has been through the ringer. Black paint from the top has chipped away some of the bristles are all tweaked & bent up. I expected it to last longer than that, even for a cheapie.

Everyone was right, the brush is unimpressive looking, but I eagerly went to use it & ended up getting in caught in my hair in a NASTY way. About 6 hrs. of working on it before having to start snipping hair. There goes 3" worth of healthy hair that took forever with my slow growth hair. All it took was a fraction of a second from the time I thought I better stop, something could go wrong here to flicking off the hair dryer it made a matted mess that 3 people couldn't figure out. Was so lucky it was only 3", because the brush was up by my ear & my hair goes, or USED to go to my bra strap. Okay, I chalked it up to new brush inexperience. I tried it a few more times. Once it started to snarl I was able to stop it in time & work it out of the hair. I've ended up with a hair brush stuck in my head a few times before, usually when traveling & didn't want to lug my beloved big monster around. Only a couple of times during a lifetime (last time over several years ago) & certainly nothing that took over 10-15 minutes to resolve, unlike this mess.

I went to the salon to have my chop work blended & styled. The hair dresser had a similar type of brush in his bag of tricks & asked me to show him what I was doing (so he could point out the wrong). Turns out he didn't see anything wrong. I was able to use his brush well. So, I don't think it is me... it's the brush. I have to admit the stylist brush didn't have nylon bristles. Maybe that is the difference. I don't know, but now I'm thinking it would have been cheaper in the long run to just buy a good replacement rather than getting the "for now." I was seriously thinking all the rave reviews must either be from people with shorter hair or maybe they've just just never had a REALLY good brush before. Perhaps there were even a few sadist in the crowd that just wanted others to go through the heck they experienced! I don't know, but this is a hideous item for my hair. Irregardless of it was me using the brush correctly the darn thing shouldn't have paint flaking off or bent up bristles. Bad brush!
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Jul 1, 2014
2 Star Rating
Great, If You're Going For The Feathered Look
Disappointed. This brush promised volume, but all I got was flat and then some recoil at the ends. Instead of curling under, the ends sort of flipped out in a wonky way. Too bad, because its bristles are really soft and goes through wet hair easily. Maybe its just not meant for people with shoulder-length or shorter hair.
Miami, FL
Sep 15, 2013
2 Star Rating
Not For Me
I saw all the great reviews and decided to purchase it because it was affordable. I have long straight/thin hair and needed something to blowdry my hair & all this does is tangle and tear my hair. Wasn't worth the $ to return it so I used it on my puppy & he loves it, LOL! At least my $5 didn't go to waste.
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Jul 10, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Brush Every
This is the best brush ever. I got one years ago from my hairdresser and have been looking for it ever since. It's not too hard, not too soft, not too big - just right.
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Debbie A.
Jun 20, 2013
5 Star Rating
Almost Unbelievably Great Brush!
This brush is awesome and has been great for styling my fine hair. They last for years, and they are all I use. Here is a tip for animal lovers: When the brush finally wears out, use it for cats, dogs, goats and horses. My animals LOVE these brushes! It makes them actually feel good. My cats constantly beg me to brush them. I even thought is would be a good idea for vets to carry them because they are so fantastic.
Highly recommend this brush! Buy several!
Barbara B.
May 24, 2013
5 Star Rating
Great Hair Brush
Have been using these brushes for years. I used to buy them at Ulta but they no longer carry them. Luckily I found them on line. The only negative is that over time the bristles get bent from the hair dryer but that's why I buy several at a time.
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Mary Ann M.
Kansas City
May 10, 2013
5 Star Rating
#1 Brush
I am now purchasing my 3rd and 4th brush. This is the only brush I have used in the last 20+ years. I bought my first one when I worked for Mersco and the representative brought it into the office. Loved it. Then when I needed to replace it because after about 10 years it wasn't quite as good I bought another at the old "Jones Store" salon. I have noticed that I really needed to look for another because the tips aren't as great after 10 + years of styling. I was wondering what I was going to do but to my joy I have found it on the internet. It is perfect for drying my hair. This time I bought two.... just in case. Can't go wrong with this brush. My hair does not get tangled in it like other dryer brushes. Love it, love it, love it.
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L.A. Area
Apr 23, 2013
5 Star Rating
Love My Brush
I was Looking for a brush to replace my worn out favorite brush that I've had for a hundred years. I've looked and looked and this brush is similar to my old brush. I took a chance and ordered it and...I love it! It makes styling my hair a breeze and leaves it shiny too. It works for me. Delivery time was very good so I'm a satisfied customer.
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