Monroe Lady In Red Brush

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Monroe Lady In Red Brush is a ceramic styling brush made with boar bristles. It holds the heat of your blow dryer and allows for faster drying time while adding volume to your hair!


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Dec 14, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Brush For Perfectly Smooth And Straight Ends
I got this brush in 43mm and am extremely pleased with it. As per usual the brush is quite lightweight, and the bristles make my hair smooth and shiny. I really like the short bristles on this one, it makes styling my bangs and the ends of my hair super quick.
San Jose, CA
Nov 12, 2008
4 Star Rating
What A Great Idea!!
I wanted this brush so desperately, it would have solved my biggest heartache of the styling process. I have the worst time keeping the hair around the brush, it would end up wrapped around the handle. I always had to rip or cut the brush out of my tangled hair. When I saw this one, I knew it was the answer to my prayers. Before it arrived, I was at my nieces house, who is in Beauty College. Her place looks like a small store, even worse than my house, and there it was: my coveted Monroe "Lady in Red". I told her I ordered one and she warned me as to problems I will have with it. She had me try it, and she was right! I am a twirler with my brushes, because I am trying to curl with them more than straighten. I am twirling away and after a short time, the brush is stuck in my hair. I then read the instructions not to roll the brush, but to hold still as you gently move through the hair. Well, I tried over and over, and could not break my twirling habit that I am so used to. This is a great styling brush with quality boar bristles and a solid handle that has no place for the hair to get caught up in as so many other brands do. The hour glass design is fantastic for keeping your hair on the bristles. It really is a five star brush, but because I could not use it, I gave it four stars. I had to send it back unused because I could not break my twirling habit, even with the help of my nieces cosmetology school expertise.
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