Mason Pearson Pure Nylon Brush Pocket Size

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A pocket size (6-3/4"x2") pure nylon brush that has 5 rings of stiff nylon tufts. Recommended for use on thick hair.


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Columbia, SC
Sep 4, 2013
5 Star Rating
Small But Powerful!
I have the mixed popular and the nylon detangler brushes and love them both. I wanted something small that I could carry in my purse that would still be able to manage my hair. I have long hair that is very thick. I was a little hesitant about getting this brush because of the price, but since I had a coupon code, that helped lessen the blow. Now that I have used the brush, it is totally worth the price. The nylon bristles get all the way down to my scalp. I'm really amazed what this little thing can do! I m
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Washington, DC
Nov 19, 2006
3 Star Rating
Not For Very Thick Hair
I usually buy Jean Pierre Nylon brushes but thought I would give the Mason Pearson Nylon a try. Not bad, but not really worth the price. I have very thick hair and need a brush with stiff bristles. This brush did not quite make to the scalp, but is ok for light styling and shaping.
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Spartanburg, SC
Oct 24, 2006
5 Star Rating
Great Brush
Although, it took too long to get the brush I have enjoyed using it. The brush really massages my scalp and controls my mane. I would recommend the brush for anyone who is into excellent haircare.
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St. Louis, MO
Mar 3, 2006
5 Star Rating
Travel Detangler
This brush works as effectively as the MP Detangler (which I cant live without). I love the smaller size for travel (although it takes a bit more time to comb through my hair). I have long (middle of the back), medium-textured, wavy hair that I often blow dry and flat iron (the Sedu is awesome). It is also highlighted every 6 weeks. Needless to say, the hair is "sensitive" and tangles easily. This brush does the trick and does not take up much room. Love it!
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