Denman Classic Styling Brush

The DENMAN Classic Styling Brushes are available in a variety of sizes to suit all hair lengths and types.


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Jan 12, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best Brush For A Great Blowdry
I had been using round ceramic barrel brushes for as long as I can remember to blowdry my hair, with so-so results. What I had been missing was a brush that was as good at detangling as it was at providing a firm grip so that drying and straightening roots happened effortlessly. What I did notice upon first use was that I was finding a lot more hair in my brush than usual but upon inspecting the hairs in the brush turns out most were shed hairs that I probably didn't get out when my other brushes failed to properly detangle Overall, my roots are straighter and my hair is better prepped for a quick flatironing when I use a Denman. Best purchase I've made .
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Long Island, New York
Dec 23, 2010
5 Star Rating
Hey Mom The Brush Actually And Easily Goes Through My Hair!!!
This brush does not hang up, pull out or otherwise distress or hurt your hair or scalp. The bristles are NOT sharp - no more bloody scalp.
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Lisa F.
Aug 30, 2010
5 Star Rating
Good Product
It was for my fiance. He loves it and doesn't like any other hair brushes.
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Qc, Mtl
Aug 29, 2010
4 Star Rating
Happy 4a Thx To Denman
I really like this Denman brush.... I only use it on my hair when its wet to detangle my mostly 4a textured hair (i have a lil bit of 3c). It helps A LOT maintaining my hair free from all this untangling craziness!!!! Totally a must have and a no regret purchase :D
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Apr 19, 2010
5 Star Rating
Miracle Brush!!
I absolutely love this brush! I just started wearing my natural hair after growing it out for 2 years. This brush keeps my curls tight and in place and all I use is a leave in conditioner. Everyone has given me compliments on my new "natural" look! This brush is a MUST for natural hair and I love it!!!!
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Courtney L.
Apr 6, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Brushes
I just got my Denman Brushes they are great brushes. They cut my drying time in half when I do clients hair. The brush is kind of heavy so you have to adjust to that but over all it is a great brush for all hair types.
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Bay Area, CA
Jan 27, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best Brush Investment!
I am African American and have 3c natural hair. I have the deluxe version of this brush and I can not be without it. It makes detangling a breeze and is great for removing all of the shed hair that often leades to tangles and knots. Also great for distributing conditioner to every strand.
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Jan 19, 2010
1 Star Rating
Not Good For Fine Thick Hair
This "anti-static rubber" brush caused more static - only use it when hair is wet.
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Frontenac, KS USA
Jan 2, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best B Rush Ever Made
I have very thick course hair. I could never find a brush that would touch my scalp, they would just go through the top of my hair. Best brush ever absolutely no cons with this brush. Before I found this brush I would break the handles of any brush I have ever bought. This one has never broken. I have replaced it once only because the rubber wore out, but I had the brush for over 10 years and my daughter and I both used it. We couldn't find the brush, she lost hers and had to order one from England. At the time the only place for Denman I could fine. I found this site by mistake, I will send this site to her.
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Return User
San Francisco, CA
Mar 31, 2009
2 Star Rating
Too Heavy/hard
I think the weight of this brush is very heavy and the bristles were so hard they hurt my scalp. I have very thick, curly,long and highlighted hair but was afraid this might rip strands and returned ASAP after a few strokes.
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