Monroe Professional Bobby Pins- 1lb Box

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Monroe Professional Bobbie Pins- 1lb Box of professional bobby pins.


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Juliet R.
Nov 2, 2010
4 Star Rating
I really liked this. It comes with a MILLION pins. I usually go through a 60 card in a month because I use bobby pins every day and the ones I used to buy often broke. But this lasted me a little over a year and the pins did not break at all. The cards were about $3. So I was spending $36 for a year when I could of been spending $20. I know its not that much of a difference but sometimes the 60 cards are a lot more then that, like around $5. All in all, this is a better investment because it will last you well over a year and the pins are very sturdy. Also, if your a hair dresser, then this is always good to have at your work station. I keep mine under my desk in a basket so that I can fill up the little dish on my desk with pins. It also limited my urgent need to run to the store with my hair in a hat every few weeks when I run out of pins. I would recommend this to anyone.
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