France Luxe Subtle Studded Barrette TBL Pairs

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France Luxe Subtle Studded Barrette TBL Pairs all strong gripping tige boule with interior gripping comb stays in place. Perfect for bangs or small amounts of hair. Adds just the right amount of decoration and hold to your hairstyle. Luxury French craftsmanship.


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Jan 20, 2011
5 Star Rating
Love These!!!
I adore these barrettes and have purchased them in every color. they do not hold a lot of hair, but are great for pinning bangs or any lose hairs when i'm wearing a pony tail or bun. VERY CHIC!!!
Mireille L.
Oct 21, 2010
2 Star Rating
An Unfortunate Design For Limited Hair Types
With my thick yet fine hair -- I have a lot of it, but each hair is finer than average -- the France Luxe Subtle Studded Barrette TBL Pairs were not a good pick. I received the barrettes as a VIP Reviewer, and my first impression was, "Oh, those are so small." In fact, the color was equally misleading, as the Tokyo in the picture suggests fiery colors, and in fact what I received was brown with cloudy bits of gray. By the same token, there's nothing subtle about the bumps along the surface of the barrettes, though I wouldn't call them "studs", since that usually suggests metals; they're pyramids, and altogether, I simply don't find these clips attractive.

The biggest disappointment occurred when I tried to use them. You can only slip a bit of hair into the clips, or they won't close. However, the little bit they will hold, won't actually HOLD; these slipped out of my hair again and again. If you have coarse hair, you might find these useful, and the Tokyo color would loke quite dramatic against a blonde mane. Also, very fine, thin hair might be bunch enough to hold the clips in place, but if your hair thickness is anywhere in the middle of thes extremes, I cannnot recommend them.
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