France Luxe Jessica Headband

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A favorite among Hollywood stars, the France Luxe Jessica Headband is ultra-comfortable and perfect for casual or evening wear.


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Diana C.
Nov 16, 2010
3 Star Rating
Wouldn't Stay In Place.
I really wanted to like this headband. It is pretty, but it just would not stay in place on my head. It kept slipping back, and sometimes completely off. There is nothing to keep it in place. It is smooth plastic- nothing grippy about it. There is some tension in the hoop design, but it seemed too wide near my ears, so it felt uncomfortable. Even when it was in place, the wide band was lifted away from the top of my head in the back, so it was not fully in contact with my hair.

I have long, silky, fine, thick hair, so maybe my hair is too slippery for this type of band.
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