France Luxe Double Loop Bow Headband

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France Luxe Double Loop Bow Headband Bow Headband 100% Silk - Fox Glove, is a narrow headband featuring a double bow design. Perfect for parties or flirtatious events. Ultra comfortable and easy to wear. Gossip Girl fave.


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Dec 30, 2010
5 Star Rating
My New Favorite Headband!
This is my new favorite headband! A lot of headbands are too tight behind my ears or slide around too easily, but this is perfect! It's not too tight anywhere and yet it doesn't slip and slide on my straight hair. I love love love it! Not to mention the bow is super cute. I think I need one in every color!
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Mireille L.
Oct 21, 2010
5 Star Rating
Double Loops Are Truly Luxe
I received the France Luxe Double Loop Bow Headband as a VIP Reviewer, which is why I ended up with Fuschia -- actually a rich rose color, not a bright pink -- rather than what I might have chosen, the simple, gray Thatched. And yet, though I'm not a fan of anything resembling pink... I love it.

Made from 100% silk, the off-center styling of the double bow falls neatly between adorably playful and surprisingly sophisticated. The bows are neatly and firmly shaped to stay in place; they don't droop about the headband, but rather they hold themselves somewhat rigid -- though this is the only thing about the headband that I'd suggest wasn't extremely soft.

Although this France Luxe headband never shifted after I put it on, I found it perfectly comfortable, partially because of the band's flexibility, and partially because of the padded tips, which ease the feel of the headband against your head. The company chose a thick silk as well, demonstrating higher quality workmanship that I'd expected. Overall, I was extremely pleased with this hair accessory, and I'll be using it off and on for a very long time.
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