Conair Perfect Pony 4 PC Kit

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Conair Perfect Pony 4 PC Kit creates volume and lift for your ponytail.


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Jan 19, 2013
5 Star Rating
Less Broken Hair And A Thicker, Longer Tail
Because the diameter of the center "tube" is a little more than an inch, your pony tail will be that much longer than without this piece. My hair is pitifully thin, my pony tail is short and whimpy. After showering, I have to clean out the drain catch because there is usually a lot of hair that has broken off. Now that I am using the Perfect Pony, I lose only a few strands a day because the band no longer pulls out my hair. Because my hair is so thin, I added my own modification. I cut apart one of those "perfect bun" forms... it is made out of a spongy netting, dark brown. I don't have enough hair to make a bun so I was not using the form... The netting is in a strip when you pull it from the bun shape. I used this netting to wrap around the tubing once. Stuffing the ends in either end of the tubing will hold it all in place. Then, when I use it to make my pony tail, it grabs the hair better, and there's no embarrassing white flange showing from my pony tail. I use this every day because I love my hair off my face, nice and neat. I only wish they made it is different diameters. I can barely get my fingers around this diameter.
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Jun 29, 2012
4 Star Rating
Bye Bye Skinny Pony
I have fine hair. My ponies have always been skinny, unattractive. I used to clip flowers and other adornments to hide my skrawny pony.

This product was a breeze to use! The positive results were instant! I'm amazed that something so simple could create such awesome results. The Perfect Pony wears easily and comfortably.

I give 4 stars because the results might just be too thick. I would love to see Conair create a Perfect Pony that is slightly smaller.
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