X5 Superlite Nano Ceramic Tourmaline Iron (1")

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The X5 Superlite Nano Ceramic Tourmaline Iron is gentle enough for daily use, creating beautifully styled, vibrantly healthy hair with incredible shine, enhanced hydration, and frizz reduction.


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Jorja H.
Santa Cruz
Dec 15, 2010
5 Star Rating
No Complaints Here!
I bought this iron about 5 months ago from a local beauty supply store.
I have never had any problems with it turing off on its own, I think the design is fine.
I am able to curl my hair with this iron no problem, and I have thick hair.
When I showed my friends how I curl my hair with it they were in Awe!
I love this iron!
I know of at least 3 people getting this product because the have seen the results!
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Atlanta, GA
Mar 4, 2010
1 Star Rating
I Really Disliked This Iron
This is not a good straightening iron - I'm VERY disappointed. I bought this one from a beauty supply store because it happened to be the best of their lot, but I'm sorry I did. Because I lost my receipt I was stuck with it so I tried to make the best of it for a couple of months. My hair has never looked worse. I ended up ordering a much better iron for slightly more from Folica (a Hai) even though this one is relatively new. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It doesn't get very hot, it turns off all the time because of the way the switch is positioned (as I pull in down my hair, the switch gets pulled too, dumb design!!). 1 star at best.
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Mar 1, 2010
4 Star Rating
Good Flat Iron For The Price
I bought this flat iron because my friend had this one and I liked it worlds better than my Hot Tools one. It heats up fast and straigtens and flips my hair with just one pass. Your hair might smell a little fried, but I have yet to come across one that doesn't have this problem, and it might be partly because I use the highest setting (410 F). It makes my frizzy curly hair super smooth and shiny - I think if I came across people who hadn't seen my hair curly, they'd think it's naturally straight. I might look into a more expensive iron later once this gives out, but I use this one every day and am very happy with it!
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Vancouver, BC Canada
Feb 26, 2009
5 Star Rating
just had it for 2 days but this I can say that it stands well in humid condition.....wow....i have tried the hairart (very good one too) stands well in humidity too but not as great as the x5 superlite....even when my hair gets exposed to tiny snow flakes (on my hair) it stayed flat all throughout when it dried....and i get to pass it on my hair only once....it does a great job curling my hair too with just one swipe....andd it is just as what the name names superlite....it very light...and the outside doesnt hot so as to burn ones hand/fingers...a piece of advise though...when you pass this through your hair use a comb instead of your hand coz it gets (hair) very hot....well, i love my x5 superlite nano to the max....it makes my hair shiny and silky straight....it is definitely a keeper for me...
2 out of 2 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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