Turbo Power Ceramic Professional Ceramic and Tourmaline Hair Iron (1")

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
For total control that is hot-spot free with consistant temperature, use the Turbo Power Ceramic Professional Ceramic and Tourmaline Hair Iron.


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Dumont, NJ
Mar 31, 2011
4 Star Rating
Amazing Value
I purchased this flat iron for the specific reason that it had a max temp of 450 degrees. This is my 3rd iron in about 7 years and I have learned that you need an iron that goes to 450 degrees to get results. This iron does exactly as it promises and for the price you cannot beat it. I gave my "old" iron to my teenage daughter and only bought this one because my "old" iron was getting a little tired and couldn't imagine being without a flat iron if only for one day. Folica always has the best prices and the best selection. I don't see why you would pay for a name brand iron when the off'brand irons do a job just as well. Definitely buy this iron. My hair is frizzy and very thick and this iron keeps it straight and slick all day long.
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