Theorie SAGA Touch 1" Blue Flat Iron

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Theorie SAGA Touch 1" Blue Flat Iron uses ionized technology to promote silkier and smoother hair.


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Apr 24, 2014
1 Star Rating
Not Worth The Price
Just like any other drug store flat iron. Took forever to heat up. Didn't tame my incredible frizz problem.
Owen A.
San Diego
Oct 21, 2013
5 Star Rating
Even though I have done the Japanese straightening process before, I still need to use a flat iron to get a very sleek look especially since my hair is thick. I have seen the Theorie before and I was a little hesitant buying it since the minimum heat setting is 310 Fahrenheit (F). Unless the description on Folica has changed, the details state that the minimum temp is 320 F but this really isn't so.

Anyway, I've been using another generic salon-quality flat iron for the past two years or so and while I got pretty good results, I thought it was time for a change and since the Theorie has a lifetime warranty, I figured I should go ahead and buy it.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase. The Theorie heats up very quickly and manages to straighten my hair with a maximum of two passes at 310 F. With my previous iron it took a few more passes but it makes sense since I had it on a relatively low temp of 250 F. I was originally concerned that the extra heat could singe my hair but actually it doesn't get damaged at all. I still use a few products on my hair to give extra protection against the heat (as most people should probably do) but the iron definitely does a great job of straightening without frying the hair. My hair is also medium-length so it's nice that the whole process to get my hair straight takes very little time as well.

If you have thick wavy hair then I would definitely recommend getting the Theorie. My tip would be to use this iron (or any iron really) on a lower setting to smooth out your hair while also using a LIGHT product or products to protect the hair. Unless you really like them, stay away from those heavy-hold sprays. I find that they really gunk up your hair and leaves it feeling stiff. In general I think most people who have wavy to thick or fine hair (regardless of texture) use too high a heat setting to straighten their hair and all they do aside from straightening is actually damage their hair. It's really unnecessary to go above 310 F although you could get away with a higher setting by 20 or 30 degrees but chances are you really don't need to.
Oct 4, 2013
2 Star Rating
Stop Working After 4 Days
I have no idea.....The panel is just dark.
Edward R.
Apr 26, 2013
5 Star Rating
Smashing Results!
What a dynamic product! I saw this product while in the USA and had the opportunity to use it at the New York Beauty Show and immediately feel in love. I have been styling hair for 24 years and never have I found an iron with more stable temperature while using it through very course, long, unruly hair. The finish of the plates is just fantastic and the length of the cord is about 2 feet longer than most which is perfect for me. I love this iron. I had to buy an adaptor to use it in the UK but that's ok, totally worth it. When I spoke with the young lady at the trade show I was informed they will be seilling in the UK and all over Europe by the Fall. Cheers Theorie. You make one heck of a product!
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