Theorie SAGA Touch 1 1/2" Flat Iron

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Theorie SAGA Touch 1 1/2" Flat Iron uses ionized technology to promote silkier and smoother hair.


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Gary K.
Miami Beach, Florida
Mar 16, 2013
5 Star Rating
Perfect, A++ Performance! Now, A Little Tip!
Not only does this iron work great, it looks great too! I have been a huge fan of my Theorie iron since I received it 4 months ago. I'd never use another brand as far as I am concerned, especially since this one has a lifetime warranty and plan to keep it forever! I noticed from some previous comments that Theorie had very few negative reviews posted but the ones that were negative were in response to "Fly Aways" and the "plates not sliding as nicely through the hair". Well, I think I can help! As a professional stylist for over 16 years I can explain as to why you or someone else may have had this problem. It's very simple and It's all about the heat! Too much of it! The way a flat iron works is the heat it creates breaks the Hydrogen Bond in the hair, thus removing some water/moisture every time you pass over your hair. The more moisture/water that is removed, the more static and dry your hair will be. With this being said, I tested the heat of this iron compared to a few irons (we won't mention names here) that you're probably familiar with and found the Theorie much hotter, faster at heating up, and stayed much more consistent as I pull it through hair. The other irons, even though they say 450 on the display screen really only go to 420-425. Most irons never actually go to 450, although they say so on the display and on the packing. More importantly, most irons drop the heat very quickly as it passes through the hair so even if it did go to 450 degrees, by the second pass you are down to 390 degrees! This is Typical, but not for the Theorie I have. An iron at 450 is unnecessary for 99% of the population. Users think they need this due to their previous or current irons not actually reaching this Temperature. If you have never tested your iron with a proper temp gauge, you may never actually know. Bottom line, I suggest using this tool at 420 degrees or less if you think you are used to 450 degrees with your current/past model. This is a powerful tool, not like any I have used in the past. Too much heat will damage your hair, but at least Theorie is giving us what we are paying for, not being bogus like the rest. 450 degrees is usually only necessary for Keratin Treatments, not for at home daily or bi daily users. I hope this review was helpful.
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Buffalo, NY
Mar 13, 2013
4 Star Rating
Silky Straight Hair, With Fly Aways?!
Kudos to Theorie for the packaging and sleek design of this flat iron. I have mid length very curly hair that is some where between course and fine. If it get's dry it tangles. So I generally always straighten or curl it with a flat iron. This flat iron leaves my hair super silky and soft, it also seems to add a bit of luster to it as well. The iron heats up quickly and once you get used to the set up of the buttons it's not hard to operate. Also it seems that as long as I use a shower cap my hair stays straight through work outs and showers. Down side, I seem to have more flyaways than I can ever remember having before. Which is one reason why I generally avoid using my Solia. The first few uses seemed to be fine and then the last time I went to straighten my hair I felt it pull. I am going to give it one more shot before I return it because I love the texture of my hair after I use this flat iron, I am just not at all amused with the fly aways it seems to leave behind :/
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Mar 12, 2013
3 Star Rating
Nice, But Not The Best.
I am not sure what all the hype is about these flat irons. It is built well, temperature controls are cool, the case it comes in is nice, but It didn't straighten my hair as well as my Croc Titanium flat iron. My hair didn't slide down the plates as easily and it didn't stay straightened as long. I think it is a good flat iron, but not the best. Love the fact it has a lifetime warranty, but I sent it back because I didn't like it as much as my Croc.
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Mar 11, 2013
5 Star Rating
This Thing Is Awesome!
So easy to use! I get the straight style I want with just one pass. I love how it heats up SOOO fast! I haven't used the auto shut off yet, but such a great feature.
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Mar 6, 2013
5 Star Rating
Touch Temperature Lock Is Great
I don't straighten that often but the flat iron I replaced would shut off because of poor placement of the on/off switch and it got way too hot. I really don't want to fry my hair to look good. This one has a temperature control so you set to exact temperature (I use 350 degrees) and a 2 to 3 second pass over a section does a great job. It's quick and very high quality. I don't get too excited about the box it comes in...I like it for it's titanium plates and touch temperature lock. Very happy with this one!
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Kathy V.
Miami, FL
Feb 22, 2013
5 Star Rating
Living in Miami, we have a lot of humidity. I used this iron before an event that took place on the beach and went through an 8-hr shift with no frizz! INCREDIBLE! I used it to both straighten and form curls. The bigger size makes for the larger curls I was looking for. Heats up SUPER fast and the touchscreen control is precise and practical. One would think a touchscreen control on the iron would constantly cause altered temperatures (the control is where your hand goes, so you would be tapping the temperatures up and down), but the control screen locks after 3 seconds of no use - BRILLIANT! Note: unlocking is simple and quick when desired. Also, it gets much hotter than other irons, which is a plus for harder to style hair!

Bottom Line: Lasting, gorgeous, shiny hair in seconds!
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Feb 22, 2013
5 Star Rating
Can't Live Without List!!!!
Ladies, This fabulous iron is definitely on my C.L.W/O list. I am multi cultural so I have a ton of unruly curls, that are not easily managed. This iron tames my hair in minutes and it stays that way until I wash it. I travel quite a bit for work and I don't, can't and won't leave home without this iron. Theorie is obviously new to the scene but I sure am happy it has ARRIVED. I can use this iron to curl my hair as well as straighten, the results are always the same....FABULOUS. Trust me buy one and you will be very happy girls. It has the latest technology, all while looking great. Oh did I mention the lifetime warranty? Who offers that? Theorie!!! I called the company to ask a simple question, the young man that I spoke to could not have been nicer and more helpful. Theorie has it going on an every level!!!
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Feb 20, 2013
5 Star Rating
5 Star
I own a GHD before I purchase this and let me tell u this iron is in another level.
This iron heats up much faster and I get my hair done in half the time, the touch screen is a nice touch. Thanks Theorie for making this iron!!
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Feb 19, 2013
4 Star Rating
Great Flat Iron!
Folica sent me the wrong Theorie iron at first, they sent me the Saga non-touch iron, which was odd because they only sell the Touch version. So after a week or so of contacting customer service & being really confused assuming it was the Touch version.. I had to exchange it & just received the new Touch version today. It's great! for some reason it worked smoother than the non-touch & I love the lock feature & of course the adjustable temperature. I like to use my flat irons at around 320-340 but for curls I would need to go higher, with 450 being more than enough. The box it comes with/in is amazing, plus it's lifetime warranty, with 1 year warranty from Folica so I don't think it could be a better deal!
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Feb 11, 2013
5 Star Rating
You Will Never Know What You Missed If You Don't Own This...
I love this iron! My first compliment - it heats up in seconds. Im talking like 7 or 8, and thats being generous. I am forever spoiled. Then theres the pretty box (yawn), the awesome cord that your cat would have a really hard time chewing through (yawn again). The ions that noticeably pamper your hair (hmm? say again?). Yes, its noticeable, soft and smooth on the hair, not dry, crisp and fly away like other irons where you need serums or oils after ironing your hair. Lets pull out the big guns here... the temperature remains steady. It doesnt fluctuate as you go, it constantly adjusts and heats up to maintain the setting you want. This means it takes the same amount of time from the first swipe to the last because it is at the same heat setting. Then you have 100% titanium plates. Not coated, but solid titanium (which means no scratching or peeling). This, Im guessing, is what maintains the temperatures and also makes it heat faster. And perhaps accounts for the results? Which are the best part. Im more excited about how fast it heats up, but, yes, it does have amazing results. Even at the lowest temperature. Which I think is 310 (dont quote me on that). Ive never been able to use less than 420 or so and get straight results. Even at that, I had crispy hair with a Chi. This iron is nothing less than genius. I also tried a Croc (the pink one, I wrote a review) and it too was outstanding, but this one surpassed it simply because of the ability to heat up instantly, solid titanium plates and ions. I think this one damaged my hair less overall too. I cannot say enough about this tool. If you are looking for a flat iron and have thick or normal hair, you have to at least try this. You can always return it if you find your experience is not the same as mine.

I do have one issue with this iron, maybe someone can help... when I plug it in and push the button, it gives me a funny looking code or numbers. I have to always unplug and plug in again to get it to "start" or heat up. Its on, but does not want to start. Sometimes it says touch up, sometimes it blinks or its on but in a sort of stand-by mode. I dont know what all this means. It always works on the second plug in just fine, no probs other than that. Am I having a problem with the auto shut-off or something? Do I need to send it back? Does anyone else experience this?
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